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Barack Brings Out Racism In America!

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Join us as we discuss : Barack Brings Out Racism In America! What Happened To Character? Is It Racism?
There was a time when honesty and character was a virtue you looked for in a political candidate. You used to have to research and investigate to find if a person (Politician) was telling a lie. Candidates used to stand on their name and committment to serving their constituants. Are Americans so bedazzled with BS that we don't care if a person is lying as long as we both belong to the same club (Party)? The truth has become obsolete, irrelevent, facts are something that get in the way of an agenda and people would rather suffer than support someone who has a different uniform or flag than they have. Weren't we in a depression before President Obama took office, the worst economical boo boo in the history of the galaxy? This president has been disrespected more than any other president in the history of this country. Weren't the unemployment numbers soaring  at the same time? Weren't we in TWO (2) wars at the same time and neither country had done nothing against us or anyone else?
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