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A discussion aimed at asking important questions about the human side of business. Answers welcome as well.

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Think Business Radio is based on the notion that it is possible and necessary to create a social climate that supports business activity and minimizes unwanted government interference in all lives and at all levels. We believe that the current... more

Exactly what is critical thinking? What does it have to do with success in business? How do you know if you have any critical thinking skill? How can you learn to be better at it? We discuss these and other questions in... more

In this episode we talk about a few of our favorite things in business management. What do you like about business? What do you not like? My favorite things include some practices that are common but seem silly or stupid, such as... more

What is the role played by blind trust and obedience to authority in life and in business? Does business require that employees follow without question? What about the supposed need for creativity and innovation? When is blind trust... more

The President wants to increase the minimum wage. What will be the effect if this is done? The President says that it will stimulate the economy and raise people up from poverty. Others say that it will kill jobs and dampen the economic... more

Do you manage your own investments? Why? Do you trust yourself to know investments well enough to avoid bad deals and scams? Some really smart people have been misled by apparently smarter con artists like Bernie Madoff.... more

Absolutely everyone has direct and important experience with relationships. Why do they remain such a mystery to so many in business. Is the word too touchy-feely? Is it hard for business people to see the connection between... more

WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS Is every business goal the "right" goal? What makes a business goal worth pursuing? How do you decide? What makes a business goal "bad?" Is there some criterion aside from profitability that should... more

Is planning really necessary? Is it even possible in a world where things change literally on a daily basis? What does planning mean to a business leader? How is planning a part of every human life? There are lots of questions about planning... more

Do you get frustrated by "business babble?" What makes people create new language in the workplace? Are you tired of being exhorted to "think outside the box" or to "not fix something that isn't broken" or to "strategize' or "brainstorm?"... more