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Creating the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. My desire is to help you to determine specifically what you desire and how to strategically begin the process of creating that life. Every Sunday, I bring in the experts to assist you to Think, Believe and Manifest your life.

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Meditation and Affirmations. Listen as Dr. Ronald Alexander and Constance Arnold as they share about (1) How to use your mind to get through difficult times (2) Why meditation is so powerful and how to begin to meditate to transform... more

SHIFTING PERCEPTION - Join Lee as he shares about 1. The Law of Attraction and the process of manifestation. 2. Understanding how the mind controls your reality. 3. Awareness of other important universal laws. 4. The importance of... more

Weight Release - Freeman Michaels is the Author of Weight Release and is a former soap star on the young and the restless and has released 70 pounds. Freeman will share the difference between weight loss and weight release, how... more

Supernatural - Living a Supernatural life. Learn how to use universal laws such as the laws of thinking, supply, compensation, sacrifice, obedience and the law of success in order to begin to live the life of your dreams. Learn about angels and... more

Magic of Miracles. Harrison Klein is the owner of True Millionaire Stories, The Masters Gathering and Proabundance. •How to have more miracles into your life. *Why people do not get that miracles that they are believing and praying... more

Breakthroughs in your life. Dr John Demartini is a human behavioral specialist, founder of the Demartini Institute and a bestselling author and business consultant working with CEOs of fortune 500 companies, celebrities and sports... more

Constance Arnold, Success Coach, Constance will share about WEALTH. How to create wealth from the inside out. You will find out about your DNA Wealth printout, How health is your divine heritage, how to look to God as your Source... more

Empowered Women is an author of 2 books, minister and powerful Speaker. She is the author of HER NAME IS MOTHER AND HER OTHER BOOK WHICH SHE CO-AUTHORED WITH HER HUSBAND IS AND HE GAVE THEM…….She is in... more

My Wonderful Brain Author, Brains and your thoughts WHo Sweitched Off My Brain (controlling toxic thoughts and emotions) Dr Leaf will cover the following: •Understanding the truth about your amazing Brain •What is a thought and how it... more

How to live in Easy World Julia Rogers - Easy World Julia is author of Recreating Eden and Choosing Easy World ( A guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living in the Amazing Realm WHERE EVERYTHING IS EASY) (due out... more