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Think, Believe and Manifest!


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Creating the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. My desire is to help you to determine specifically what you desire and how to strategically begin the process of creating that life. Every Sunday, I bring in the experts to assist you to Think, Believe and Manifest your life.

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Rasheid Edwards is a life, spiritual and mind coach with certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT. He is a highly sought after speaker and an expert in the Law of Attraction. Rasheid will be sharing on Why the Law of Attraction DOES... more

Join Constance as she shares about the power of LOVE to manifest your dreams. You will learn how to develop a consciousness of Love and how to magnetize and become unstoppable in manifesting your dreams. Constance will... more

Dr. John Turner will be sharing about the Brain and how Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT) can help you to create quantum shifts in your body by resetting the brain from emotional shocks that are lodged within the nervous... more

Join Constance as she shares insight about CREATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. You will learn how to create from your ?BEING?, and how to begin to use ?I AM? to bring into your life your heart's desires. Additionally, you will learn how... more

Madeleine Kay, Author of Serendipitously Rich - How to Get delightfully, delectably, deliciously rich (or anything else you want) in 7 riidiculously easy steps. You will learn 12 myths about wealth and 7 easy steps to become wealthy... more

Derek Rydall ( is an author, consultant and coach. He is the author of The Law of Emergence. Join Derek as he shares about the power of moving from For-getting to For-Giving. You will learn how to forgive the past and... more

Gwen Shamblin is the Founder of Weighdown – The permanent answer to weight loss and any other addiction in your life. Gwen has appeared on Larry King, Tyra Banks, 20/20, The View and on the cover the Good Housekeeping... more

Harry Carpenter is the Author of The Genie Within. Make your subconscious mind YOUR personal genie. Harry has taught and studied the Subconscious Mind for over 60 years. Learn how to achieve success, health, and abundance in... more

Michael J. Emery is a personal development trainer using transpersonal psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis. Some concepts that Constance and Michael will share are: What is attention shifting and how... more

Dr. Elon BOMANI IS a millionaire and a sought after dynamic international leader. her rags to real estate riches story will astound you AS She went from being a Dr homeless mom to a millionaire in 18 months. She has appeared on BET,... more