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Trilby Johnson and Brenton Grosser-Czech sit down to chit chat about the things that matter in life and maybe even take things to a new level. Join them on FaceBook to leave your comments - https://www.facebook.com/groups/TTMchitchat/ . Visit Trilby's website at http://www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com Visit Brenton's website at http://www.brenton-consulting.org Start up music 'Warp Dimension' by Linda Irwin. Contact: cntnuumx@frontier.com

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Are you someone who feels you are on a transformational path and yet you find yourself having to still struggle and feel a bit bewildered by this process of awakening? Well so do we! That's the reason for this topic where Brenton and Trilby share their personal points of view on what's going on and how to navigate these waters of change, without feeling like you are losing it. Its time to take a look at what's really up with this awakening. Join us live on the day in the chat room to post your questions/comments. You can also do this in our group on FaceBook.
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What is the purpose of a past life regression? What does it contribute to your understanding of yourself? Do you need to do past life regressions to understand who you are today? Well depending on who you talk to and the experience you... more

Money is something that affects us all. Whether you have too much or too little. Everyone has something to say about it and there are so many subconscious beliefs that intertwine around it, that for most of us it is difficult to see the wood... more

What are the expectations and implications of using 'please' and 'thank you'? And do these words still have value in western society and culture today? With the influence of social media and emails on etiquette and communication, are they... more

It is always fascinating to discuss the concepts of religion and spirituality and this is what today's topic is all about. Let's have an open discussion about how either or both of these have impacted on our lives and what is different today, if... more

Healing seems to be a subject of a lot of contention and there are those that argue that as it is a 'natural' gift, asking for payment is not right. And yet as more and more individuals are choosing to share their healing talents in a... more

When it comes to protection and cleansing in energy and healing practise, Brenton and Trilby take a look at Things That Matter. There is a lot of information out there when it comes to energy healing and spiritual practises. Today's... more

Hello Everyone, Brenton and Trilby take a look at how habits, like the daily 9-5 employment structure, distrupts and destroys connection. Habits are great mechanisms for automating cognitive data processing so that you can do things... more

Whilst you all may do it naturally as long as you are alive, the power of the breath is often overlooked and under uterlized. When it comes to Things That Matter, the breath is essential to stay alive. Yet as will all things, the way in which it is... more

Back this week with the Things That Matter Chit Chit Show, Brenton and Trilby discuss the role and purpose of laughter in our lives today. How much time do we spend laughing and is that laughter genuine? How much of what we think merit... more

Today's Things That Matter Chit Chat is about the role of a guru. In this day and age what is the fascination that so many have around this concept? What is the role of a guru and how can they empower you? Brenton and Trilby... more
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