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TV Talk Show Host, Speaker,Life/Business Coach,Thought Leader and Global Entrepreneur. Helping Entrepreneur's to manage intellectual reasoning while strengthening their vision & intuition.

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Look around I'm sure you have noticed a big decline in morals, values, law and order. Simply put respect for self and others. When did this happen? How did this happen? Who's to blame? Are we too far gone to restore? Listen live and call in with your views.
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There are so many voices we hear throughout the day. Words that are encouraging and words that are discouraging. And what we allow in most of the time is what we began to believe and eventually become or welcome in... more

The word has spoken to you and declared blessings in your life. But you can't see it in your every day life. God says you are healed, but you are still showing symptoms of distress. The word says you lack nothing and your bank account is... more

Everyone has potential on the inside. What is potential, hidden abilities. Why is it hidden, at 10 years old you want a car and your parents do have a car for you, but you first must get to the appropriate age to learn how to drive and then... more

Today. Is the first day of the best days of your life. You haven't seen anything. If He did it before, He has promised He will do it again and again. Believe that! God is unbenefitted in your unbelief........Let's began to believe the promises.

Are you ready? Are you ready for what God has spoken into your life? Well its here and we are going to pull down barriers and strongholds.......Because its our time, its our season!

I am more than a conqueror, everything I put my hand to do prospers. I was born to win. I don't fail because God doesn't fail and because I am daily assured of this..........I am confident.

When you wake up do you see opportunity or task? What does a prosperous day look like to you? When faced with an obstacle or distraction how do you respond? God's words are not in your complaining........

Do not throw away your confidence. God is Faithful. He that began a good works in you is faithful to bring you into the place He has already prepared for you. Believe and allow the all powerful greatness that is within you guide you daily.

Moving ahead sometimes is the most scariest thing, but don't give up! As soon as you decide to move ahead with what has been spoken to you, all of those negative words, thoughts and past mistakes will begin to play in surround sound... more

Everywhere you go you should be that light that lights up the dark atmosphere and when you open your mouth your words are uplifting and sweet taste to the soul.
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