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Constant brooding on esoteric agendas, and verifiable evidence of conspiracies.

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Co-hosts Ashnfara Judy and Tyler Bass return to discuss with journalist Barry Chamish the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Barry Chamish has concluded that the official story of the assassination, in which the... more

Author DCS joins the conversation tonight at 9 p.m. EST about the meaning of the rampant speculation about the power brokers that define our time in the open and in the shadows. Tune in as we attempt to achieve consensus about what's a... more

In a world where everyone thinks they own your mind, and infinitely more harmful substances than cannabis are legal, Andrew Carroll had the wherewithal and righteousness to stick it to The Man, and here you can listen in the hero tell his... more

Whatever your views on the state of Israel and/or Judaism, accusations of antisemitism have become the centerpieces of vast conspiracy theories involving memes that are sometimes borrowed for the creation of other theories that have... more

Follow us as we interview Lanaia Lee. She has authored Skulls of Salvation, a book about the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy and the crystal skulls of Belize.

Tyler and Shinfara discuss the newest version of the historical documentary accounting a conspiracy that runs throughout the ranks of a sinister group, some of whom were inside the U.S. government during the attacks on the... more

Throughout June, Senators Lieberman and Senator Graham failed to push measures through Congress that would punish anyone who leaked additional photos of American prisoner abuse. The cover-up floundered. We will discuss... more

Have you come down with the sickness yet? 2012 is the next in a long lineage of apocalyptic doomsday dates. Is this just chicken-little syndrome? Is it indicative of a more indelible aspect of the western mind? Perhaps there is some valid... more

A quick fix. Our last segment had some technical errors in the last 30 minutes (however the last 8 minutes were live).

Tonight (11/21/08) THEY will be discussing why we are interested in conspiracy theories, what conspiracy theories are, and why the term does not automatically mean 'Loony Bin'. We will be looking at the history of conspiracies (and their... more
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