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Wurx Radio is a Christian radio show aimed at talking about issues that affect believers mixed with great music and fun!

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Is the black man missing from our homes, churches and communities? If so, Why is he absent? Where has he gone? Is he really missing or has the media portrayed him negatively? Tune in this Sunday at 10pm as we talk about our... more

Has your man or woman of God ever fallen from grace? Have you ever watched or heard of a pastor, prophet, evangelist, etc. do something that you thought that they shouldn't have? What was your response? Did you pray for them and help... more

Some say a man is only as strong as the woman standing "behind him" , but the truth is a man is only as strong as the woman standing "beside him". In marriage the word "submissive" may be a scary word to some women, but tune in to... more

Is it hard to live a single life and still be saved? Are you more distracted if your single? Is it necessary for one to be married in order to fulfill God's promises to them? Well if you have an opinion on this matter then listen in and call Wurx... more

Are you a bold Christian when the church meets, but a PUNK in the streets? Are you courageous in the Pastor's face, but then you Vanish Without a Trace? Are you convincing others to stand their ground, but when you're confronted,... more

We have already previously discussed the importance of everyone working together in the body of Christ in order to function effectively. Now we are going to discuss the topic as it pertains to marriage. Having marital support in ministry is... more

How can you truly serve the Lord if you don't know who you are??? Today we are faced with so many titles being placed on us by the world it can cause us to be derailed from our true purpose in life. It seems as if there is a need to fill an... more

Oftentimes, we see a very significant amount of division in the church. When speaking of the church, we are speaking of it as a whole. Rather than uplifting each other, we are tearing each other down because we don't worship as... more

So many people call themselves and are called by the name Mother, Mom, Ma, Mama, and Mommy. What is the definition of a mother? How do we determine a good mother? How are children to treat their mothers? We know the Word tell... more

When you finally decide that you will live for Jesus and no longer live for the world, then things may begin to happen, but fret not and understand that this is apart of the walk we face when giving God his glory. How far would your belief... more