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Carrie Seid - Artist

  • Broadcast in Art



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In my work I attempt to convey the anatomy of a feeling through form, structure, and the glow of saturated.

The  experience of being simultaneously tenacious and vulnerable is referred to through the use of silk, a material which is delicate yet possesses a tensile strength greater than steel. Tension is built, both and metaphorically, as two elements quite opposed in character meet to form the surfaces and contours of the work. By  these translucent and reflective materials, I am able to solidify and objectify ephemeral qualities of light.

My approach to structure reflects the progression and transformation seen in natural growth systems such as the chambered nautilus which leaves an ordered record of is its development, organic yet regular in design. The work captures the evanescent, while at the same time offering glimpses of that which is emerging to take its place.The pieces are  using a plywood base, cut and formed sheet metals (copper, brass and aluminum), and silk. The metal forms an understructure which  a stretched layer of silk. Modulated color (in the form of under-painting or dyed silk) is sometimes used to enhance depth, structure and dimension. The additional step of oiling the fabric “skin” creates various degrees of translucence, allowing the outer layer to be visually penetrable