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"The World Class Show" Is A Global Media Communication Observation Juncture! Featuring "The Voice!" And The Voices Of Our Many Distinguishing, Unique, Exceptional, Extraordinary And Special Visiting Guest. Be Apart of Some Of The Classic Monents Here At The W.C.S Where You'll Hear The Stories, The Victories. The Fame And The Fortunes In Entertainment As Well As Professional Careers Of Many People! Stay Tune In To "The World Class Show"

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Find out what these devils are up too! Lets save the planet (Holy Tablets Chapter 19 Tablet 6) This is our world and we will not let you demons destroy it [:)] It is our moment, We the Illuminati of the Green Light are here to save you all... more

Why the war in Egypt? Did you know that the current Egyptian "Pale Indo Arab" Mubarik is responsible for the assassination of the late Egyptian "Nubian" president Anwar Sadat? Oh yeah, keep in mind that Anwar Sadat was the last of... more

Even if you knew all these things about yourself and you may have realized, that it would take more than yourself to motivate, stimulate and or inspire towards these qualities that are a great requirement in the nature of living and... more

The Question Tonight Is Do You Know Who You Are? Is It That You Think You Are Just A Congenital Person? Have You Ever Tried Your Hand In Researching Your Inherited Genetic Blood-Line? Do You Know Who You Are, And... more

Spiritual Beings or The Forces of Nature Who's in control? We fine many people leaving the concepts of identity, pertaining to the existence of All things in the Universe, as well as the Human purpose for living and existing. The things most... more

We Are Near The End Of Yet Another 30 Year Cycle eg: 1981-2011 Tonight Here we would like to speak about The Reality of ANU ( The Most High) ? How as well as why have The Sacred Name ANU (The Most High) been... more

We Are Near The End Of Yet Another 30 Year Cycle eg: 1981-2011,Which You can Refer To The Black Book, "Sacred Records Of Atum Re Page:24," Inscribed By Dr. Malachi Z York. Now! Many People Are Under The Impression That... more

Is it Allah of the Muslims? or is it God Theo’s of the Christians , or Yahweh of the Jews? or it is an act of nature that is causing a particular type of bird to fall out the sky in various parts of the planet. What about the fish who are also... more

Many of you will come to me in that day and say: Pops, I was with you the whole time. And then I will say: Get the hell away from me. And remember this beloved family. There are friends and enemies, & the worst of all, are friendly enemies.... more