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Heisting your minds with our car enthusiast topics, and an entertaining mix of all things "man". Your water cooler conversations just got a lot better!

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In this week's episode we have a very difficult time staying in our own lane, as we rip through the hottest stories in the automotive world. We discuss Formula 1 with the FIA rule change drama, and the point of the sport as a whole... The... more

In this free flowing episode Jay and Matt try to figure out solutions to a number of issues plaguing the automotive world. Does anyone need a new Camry? What would hippies do without rear-view mirrors? Acura and maple flavored Coke...... more

Fresh off our amazing trip to the Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring, we take a few to wrap up the racing, the fandamonium, the experience. We had a chance to sit down with some really great sports car racing professionals like Porsche factory... more

To our faithful listeners, we told you we were expanding our horizons this year! We can't think of a better way to get introduced to the hyper-fast world of NHRA drag racing, than to talk with a couple of the sport's most captivating... more

Well, tonight we have a very rare instance when Matt as Always will not be able to join us. Always ready to step up, Gorilla Steve will join Jay of Course to discuss all things that happened this week in racing and the car industry.... more

It's been said that if you give an infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters an infinite amount of time, at some point one of them will type the complete works of Shakespeare.... Well with that same principal of inevitability at work, here then is... more

In this episode we talk to a man you no doubt know, even if this is the first time you're reading his name...Andy Blackmore. Yes many of you are sports car / endurance racing fans, and have his amazingly accurate Spotter Guides... more

This episode is exactly as it titled; a very special, and very unique look into the birth of modern american sports car racing. We are joined by a very special guest, considered by most to be the father of the sport - Dr. Don Panoz. We discuss... more

The curtains have closed on the big show at Daytona for sports car fans this past weekend. We believe it delivered as promised; with a very competitive and thrilling event for both fans and teams alike. We are however just your slightly... more