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Dr Davy Rigsby

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My mission is to inspire people to BE more, BE well, and BE alive. This is happening through a global approach of loving service, education, accountability, and dedication. Join us in our goal to radically transform the lives of 100,000 families worldwide!

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Join in listening about the largest drug-less profession in the world! Chiropractic, the only field of health care that begins with the major premise, that the body is designed to heal and regulate itself perfectly--free of interference! This deep... more

As the discussion continues, are we so sick because of genes? Do genes control genes, or is there something above genes that actually controls what is being expressed? Today's discussion will focus on the science and application of... more

Dr. Baxter is one of the foremost leaders in the world of being truly healthy and well! He extensively travels throughout the U.S. lecturing to doctors on the wellness paradigm which include, wellness nutrition, wellness physical fitness,... more

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions that you ask! A continuation of last weeks discussion. Are we sick because of bad cells, bad genes, and bad luck? Or is it because of bad choices? The answer to this... more

Are we sick because of bad cells, bad genes, and bad luck? Or is it because of bad choices? The answer to this question will determine whether it is possible to GET well! Join the revolution and begin to ask paradigm changing questions... more

A continuation of last weeks episode in discussing why are we so sick? Is it bad genes, bad germs, and bad luck? Or, is is bad choices? A lively discussion will be followed by easy, comfortable solutions for you and your family to BE more, BE... more

This episode is going to highlight why industrialized nations, America in general, are so sick! Is it bad genes, bad germs, or bad luck? Tune in to continue on our journey to BE well, BE more, and BE alive!

Join us as we continue to discuss the wellness paradigm and go deeper into how to make congruent lifestyle, changes that are easy, comfortable, and gradual that will give you a longer, happier, healthier,and better life!

Join us in our discussion of turning your paradigm, or belief system to one on true wellness. Being truly well is the only guarantee of a longer, better, happier, more energized, and healthier life, for a lifetime!

Our world debut is going to lay out the catalyzing statement of how you and your families lives are going to be transformed through BEing more, BEing well, and BEing alive! We encourage you to take an active role in this most important and... more
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