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Voice of Destiny brings leading authors of Christian books, as well as writers, directors and producers of award-winning Christian films to you live each week. This program is designed to inspire and encourage you to grow in your spirituality and relationship with God. Join host Larry Sparks as he takes you to the front lines of where God is moving and inspires you to live a life where anything is possible.

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God wants you to win! Spiritual Warfare is not about always fighting the powers of darkness. Sooner or later, we need to discover the keys to actually walking in victory over the forces that work against us. Join Larry Sparks as he interviews... more

God is always talking. The question is are we listening... and are we looking? God certainly speaks through a still small voice, but He also communicates through the language of the supernatural and miraculous. Join Larry Sparks as he interviews... more

Brilliance Is A Decision. It's Time to Disrupt Your Current Reality and? Experience Your Shift Into Brilliance! Join Larry Sparks as he interviews thought leader, entreprenuer, and motivational speaker, Simon T. Bailey on his latest book,... more

Get ready to answer some of the tough questions on divine healing, such as: Is God still healing people today? Does He want to heal me? How do I receive my healing? Join Larry Sparks as he interviews Pastor and author Kynan Bridges... more

Many people pursue healing…when God has actually made it possible for you to live healed and whole! Join Larry Sparks as he talks with Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark about their latest book, "Deep Relief Now." They will share... more

In our over-sexualized culture, pure has become the new ?four letter word.? So many people try to avoid the Biblical call for purity because they believe purity is a way that God restricts us from enjoying life. What if purity was... more

Is it possible to walk in freedom, empowerment and resilience as a lifestyle—not just a temporary experience? Too many people are familiar with the ?altar call? approach to life. Week after week, individuals... more

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Or is this lie simply part of the ultimate illusion that continues to lull countless people to sleep and cause them to settle for less than their God-ordained destinies? Get ready to break free... more

How does the theology of an ?Ancient Ghost? actually give you a blueprint for the shaping of Christianity today? What is it about the Third Person of the Trinity that has inspired so much controversy, debate and interest? Join Larry Sparks as... more

If we lost the Holy Spirit… would Christianity go on as usual? In the modern church, we seem to have it all. Big buildings. Exciting programs. Lucrative marketing efforts. And yet… in spite of all of the trimmings, is there a void?... more