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We are going to talk about how it is not OK for some of the situation on how people handle it. Let's talk about the pain that people endure before, during and after a break up. Then of course we are going to discuss how to heal a broken... more

ORAL SEX - FELATIO - BLOW JOB - CANNILINGUS There are so many ways to call this pleasurable movement. I know that majority of women and men like it but to our surprise there are people that actually do not doing it or even getting... more

This is going to be a hilarious conversation tonight. If any of you visited our page in Facebook we posted a video of this couple that was getting comfortable with their relationship and started passing gas in front of each other. Yes, we... more

We always engaging in conversations with people about the challenges confronting their lives. Difficulties enter our lives through any number of doorways—illness, job loss, accidents. The possibilities are endless, as... more

Long distance relationships are definitely risky, and if you are unfortunate enough to be far away from a significant other, the prospect of potentially ruining your relationship can seem daunting. Just because long distance relationships are... more

The questions that triggered the topic tonight was: "How will you control your feelings to someone that you really care about but does not feel the same way about you?" Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed... more

Men are used to initiating everything — from the first contact to sex to proposing marriage. Guys are the ones who have to do all the hard work while women sit around and wait for wonderful things to happen. It must be difficult... more

There are perhaps a million reasons why men/women are plagued with relationship obstacles. Daddy issues in a woman can be a man's best friend. And also the worst. On the one hand, meeting a girl with a ed up relationship with... more

Some nearlyweds are engaged but have no wedding date in sight; others aren't thinking about marriage at all. Why is the nearlywed trend so big right now? Today people feel a real need to get their career in a good place and be... more

This question got so much different answers and opinions so we know that it will be an interesting discussion. * Ask most parents whom they would save from a burning building, and odds are they would say their children. Similarly, many... more