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The V.I.C.E


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This is "The V.I.C.E." (Victory In Christ Everyday). If you have questions, we have the answers. We deal with all the stuff nobody wants to talk about concerning the church world. We deal with questions for those that are both of the body and that are not of the body. This is not the show to slander any denomination, organization, or affiliation. Those that call in or participate, it is not the intention to belittle your opinions or stand.

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Is it hard to be young and be a minister? Do you have a hard time receiving a Word from somebody younger than you? How should you a young minister present themselves and how should their conduct be?

The aggravating factors that distinguish first degree murder from second degree are first degree murder requires a specific intent to kill and premeditation and deliberation. So are you a murderer in the Spirit?

Why do we have time for everything we WANT to do, but seemingly no time for the things of Christ? Is it just non-convenient or because it feels like a chore? What are your thoughts?

Praise, Giving, and Funerals. Minister J.L. Jones brings the fire in this powerful and enlightening message.

Do you have a servants mentality? Why do most people NOT want to be a servant, and why is this NOT taught in a lot of churches today?

Many churches have missions and ministries of helps with food, money, help with living expenses, etc. Should the church help in every area? What if the people are illegal immigrants? Drug dealers and users? Domestic disputes, etc. Should the... more

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, right? But do you want to be everything, because true worshippers, worship in Spirit and in Truth, right? But can we REALLY Praise God any other way? Which is better? Or is there even... more

Does family get in the way of your walk with Jesus?

How do you feel about being "blasted" in church when it comes to things that you're dealing with in your Spiritual walk? Is it ok to be rebuked or "blasted" over the pulpit? Should it ALWAYS be in private conversation or council with your... more
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