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An intruiging show with a few topics. Tuesday night is our "24" show featuring Jack Campisi. During the winter, we have the Walking Dead Postgame Show, discussing the episode of the night before. Other times, I'll talk baseball events and nostalgia, with resident expert Brad Shilling. And other times, I'll just surprise you! Long suffering Mets fan Anthony and longer suffering Cubs fan Brad got their start on "Working Things Out" with Diana Navarro, a New York-based singer/psychic/radio talent who currently hosts her own show "This Is Diana" on BlogTalkRadio.

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The title itself displays TWO of the cardinal sins of debate and argument - "poisoning the well (casting doubt on someone/something beforehand by using demeaning language" and "ad hominem attacking (personal attacks on your... more

Tuesday AUGUST 26, from 8-10 PM! Join us for an hour or two of baseball journeymanship. My co-host Brad Shilling and I discuss our individual trips to different major league ballparks around the country. We'll tell you which ones... more

Good friends stay loyal, even in "24"-land. Death, mayhem, Russians, Cheng, swordplay, and the first time-jump in "24" history all happened in last week's finale. We shall discuss, and you can too if you call 646-721-9605

The mantle of main villain has changed once again, this time to the notorious Cheng! What fate awaits Chloe? Will Jack Bauer clash with both the Russians and the Chinese? We shall discuss and dissect the lastest episode of "24: Live... more

Well the villains have changed, as they do OFTEN on "24". How will this latest adversary fare against Jack Bauer? And will Chloe be a turncoat, or eventually save the day? Let's discuss. Join me from 7-8 pm on Tuesday July 1 for a... more

A busy life can't keep us away from what we love best - talking about "24"! How will Jack (and for that matter Audrey) avenge their great loss? Will Jordan survive his attack? Any more missiles in that drone? We'll discuss.

The Bradster (a.k.a Brad Shilling) makes his triumphant return to Internet radio. We'll reminisce about the crazy, magical events of the action packed weeks of early June, when the OJ Murders set off an unquenchable firestorm, the Knicks... more

After reality strikes (in the form of a London Bus), Simone, Jack, and a little girl's worlds collide!! It's "24" excitement at its best. We'll discuss the latest episode (Hour 5 pm to 6 pm), and dissect the latest developments.

Well everyone's closing in on each other now: Jack, Kate Morgan, Margot, the arms dealer, Mi5.... Plus we may have our mole! We'll try to sort it all out, as best as we can! It's 24 More, talking Bauer.

Our discussion of the latest episode of "24 - Live Another Day". We talk about hour 5 (3 pm - 4pm), and the ongoing pursuit of supervillain Margot Al-Harazi. We'll also touch on last week's episode, as we could not do a show since I was... more