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An intruiging show with a few topics. Monday night is our "Walking Dead Postgame Show" featuring Jack Campisi, where we discuss the prior night's episode in detail. Other times, I'll talk baseball events and nostalgia, with resident expert Brad Shilling. And sometimes, I'll just surprise you! Long suffering Mets fan Anthony and longer suffering Cubs fan Brad got their start on "Working Things Out" with Diana Navarro, a New York-based singer/psychic/radio talent who currently hosts her own show "This Is Diana" on BlogTalkRadio.

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All roads leading up to this fine mid-season finale, in which we're pretty sure someone's gonna die, as has been the case for the past few seasons. I did read a spoiler a few weeks ago, and once the show airs, I'll let you know if they were... more

Wow, what a striking name for a company...! That's what I said when I first saw their banner at an expo a few weeks ago. But in fact, a great name goes hand-in-hand with great marketing and unique products. And it appears Cindy... more

OK they're back on the kick with one word episode titles again! But finally it looks like we're gonna see our main crew again. Can you believe it's been four weeks since we've seen Rick?! In any case, it looks like Noah joins the crew, and... more

Consumed?? Well, that doesn't sound too good for an episode name from anyone's perspective. Let's hope the consumer doesn't claim a major victim! Looks like this is a Daryl and Carol episode, and they're returning to where it all... more

It's a special day indeed as "The Monster Men" sit in for me, doing hosting duties this Monday to discuss the latest Walking Dead episode, "Self-Help". It should be a lot of fun as Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi bring their horror expertise... more

Beth...Beth....What has become of you? I'm sure there'll be a lot to I mean discuss, about Beth and any attempts to rescue her. Who is the psycho cop lady? What will the splitting of our group entail? Who was that with Daryl? Where... more

There's trouble afoot... Bob's foot, and leg for starters. What will become of the rest of Bob, and was the gang able to save what's left of him? What about Carol and Daryl? Is Father Gabriel a trusty pastor, or a crusty disaster? (I... more

Well the gang's all back together again (well, almost...), with an old friend of Rick's not far behind. What adventures or travails await our friends as they cast off the bonds of Terminus? We'll discuss the second episode of the Walking Dead... more

The wait is over!!! We share your joy at the return of Walking Dead with an action-packed season 5 ahead of us. And on Monday night, we'll discuss the premiere episode of the new season, with whoever chooses to drop on by. Was... more

The title itself displays TWO of the cardinal sins of debate and argument - "poisoning the well (casting doubt on someone/something beforehand by using demeaning language" and "ad hominem attacking (personal attacks on your... more