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An intruiging show with a few topics. Monday night is our "Walking Dead Postgame Show" featuring Jack Campisi, where we discuss the prior night's episode in detail. Other times, I'll talk baseball events and nostalgia, with resident expert Brad Shilling. And sometimes, I'll just surprise you! Long suffering Mets fan Anthony and longer suffering Cubs fan Brad got their start on "Working Things Out" with Diana Navarro, a New York-based singer/psychic/radio talent who currently hosts her own show "This Is Diana" on BlogTalkRadio.

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Lindsey Sherwin is a social entrepreneur and life coach passionate about creating impact for teens - globally. She's developing a youth program focused on individual coaching, as well as workshop seminars on themes that will help youth and teens to develop their inner life and personal development. She's also using her experience in theatre within the workshops, as a way of teaching the themes and skills that outline the mission of the program. Let's see how she became interested in working with the disadvantaged youth population around the world, and what motivates her to continue in her endeavors.
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On Monday, January 26 at 7:00 PM, we'll talk to two distinguished ladies from the Bronx, who saw a need in their community, and united to address it. The result was an organization that helps families trapped within the shelter system... more

Showtime: Jan 21, 2015 at 9PM. Well in sports as in life, we usually get the thing we deserve or fully expect. Breakout seasons and Cinderella teams are inspiring, sensational, and saved for uncommon occasions. This year's big game will not... more

Next show - Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 9 PM!! Well the Pats came back and overcame a strong Ravens defense.... The Seahawks ran off with it, albeit mostly in the second half..... Karma got even with the Cowboys, as a... more

What surprises will round 2 of the playoffs have for us? Any problems with the refs this time? What upsets are in store? If the standard bearers prevail, and the usual suspects end up Championship games, a lot of people are gonna... more

OK get over your hangovers! It's that time of year again when we talk NFL playoffs, usually partly in disgust, since Brad and I are Bears and Jets fans respectively. Will common expectation prevail, and the usual suspects end up in... more

On December 30, our entrepreneur showcase returned for a second time. We take pride in introducing you to Anny Abreu, the co-founder of Finding Your Voice, an organization that creates practitioners of self-awareness. Anny practiced... more

All roads leading up to this fine mid-season finale, in which we're pretty sure someone's gonna die, as has been the case for the past few seasons. I did read a spoiler a few weeks ago, and once the show airs, I'll let you know if they were... more

Wow, what a striking name for a company...! That's what I said when I first saw their banner at an expo a few weeks ago. But in fact, a great name goes hand-in-hand with great marketing and unique products. And it appears Cindy... more

OK they're back on the kick with one word episode titles again! But finally it looks like we're gonna see our main crew again. Can you believe it's been four weeks since we've seen Rick?! In any case, it looks like Noah joins the crew, and... more

Consumed?? Well, that doesn't sound too good for an episode name from anyone's perspective. Let's hope the consumer doesn't claim a major victim! Looks like this is a Daryl and Carol episode, and they're returning to where it all... more