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An esoteric, allegoric view of past , present and future events in history

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In 1956, the year that federal funding made the Interstate Highway System possible, Jim Crow was still the law of the land. In the South, racial segregation was enforced by law — and had been since shortly after... more

Join Dr, Randy Short as he brings this discussion to the table as only he can do. ?The Equality Act prohibits discrimination against the LBGTQ community — housing, employment, public accommodations, jury service, federal funding and... more

?Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.? ?Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing.? ?No, I don't want your money. Socialism... more

All over the globe and throughout history, pigs have been recognized as Nature's jack-of-all-trades farming utility. As scavengers, they consumed a large variety of human and domestic wastes, ate weeds, wild plants, and roots, and often went... more

A thermometer reflects the temperature of the environment. It reacts to what's going on around it. If the temperature is hot, it tells you so. If it's cold, the thermometer reflects that. It's an instrument it doesn't contain intelligent. It has... more

A new study sheds light on the yawning gap in wealth in the Miami area between white households and households of color.Among non-white groups, it is Miami-area households identifying as black that continue to suffer most,... more

Music has a message for what you need to inspire you, to cope with a loss, motivate you or depress you, Music can make you a better person. Good music will cause you to stand and fight for what is right. It can speak to your heat and... more

GOALS For maximum effectiveness of the Counterintelligence Program, and to prevent wasted effort, long-range goals are being set. 1. Prevent the COALITION of militant black nationalist groups. In unity there is strength; a truism that is... more

JAPANS "MOTOWN GREGG HOSLEY Gregg Holsey began his musical career playing the bass guitar while in his early teens. Growing up in the musical environment of Detroit. Michigan put Gregg on theng a successful bassist.... more

It ist time for the Family, to gather together to bring the pieces of their puzzle. Tonight, share, strengthen and encourage one another so we can grow and be healthy and strong.... more