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The Unknown Hour

The Unknown Hour


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A show designed for those seeking answers for the truth. What is "the truth"? Let us come together and talk about it.

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This is part 3 and the conclusion of the sleep paralysis segments. Sleep paralysis is a very real phenomenon and very spiritual in nature, it can be a very horrific experience leaving you with fear to sleep. Waking up in your room alone but... more

This is the second part of the series in sleep paralysis. Michael Tatar Jr. discusses the spiritual connection that is involved in sleep paralysis, and how every culture has throughout history this phenomenon has occurred and still... more

For anyone that has or is experiencing the horrible symptoms of sleep paralysis this is an important show. This is a lecture by Michael Tatar Jr. titled- Sleep paralysis ( A modern connection to an ancient evil). In this lecture he talks about... more

This is the last part of the Chuck Missler study on (the sword of Islam). A brief study of the religion and some origins of Islam. As I explained before, I know this is a delicate subject, It could offend and for sure it will offend some people.... more

This is the second part of the chuck missler (bible scholar) study on the sword of islam, A STUDY OF THE ORIGINS AND TEACHINGS OF ISLAM. DON'T BELIEVE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, LISTEN, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND... more

This subject is controversial to many but all I ask is if you listen listen to the facts, do your own research and than make your own conclussions. You know if you don't wish to hear the subject you can choose to listen to another show...... more

This is the continuation of the Psychological warfare segment. As the previous show, this is an insight of how psychological warfare is being used on all of us, in a daily basis through television, radio all media including academics. This... more

How the mechanics of psychological warfare work, How does the Illuminati & the New World Order use Psycho analists to manipulate and condition us to by using all forms of media. WE ARE ONLY SHEEP FOR THE ILLUMINATI TO... more

What is the real purpose of television? Who controls the media and the news? We live in an environment created and controlled by the mass media. Most of us accept and don't question the false reality that has been created by the media,... more

The NIV is the #1 selling bible, published Zondervan publishings. Zondervan was bought by Harpercollins publishing in 1988, Harpercollins doesn't just print and publishes the new bible versions, NIV, New king james, but they also publish... more