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A fun and informative look into the world of Kink, BSDM, Fetishes, and Eroticism.

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This week we connect with multiple sexy rope bottoms to discuss the do's and donts and whats awesome about rope bottoming!
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This weeks episode we will be breaking down a "scene". We are going to cover a scene from start to finish which includes: negotioation, Risk Aware Consensual Kink aka RACK Safe, Sane, Consensual aka SSC, Personal Respsonsibility... more

This episode of the Underground sex show, Elwood gets together with his Pink Fork Mafia crew to discuss bondage debauchery on a whole new level. We dive into the creative side of kinkville and hopefully share some sexy tid bits of kink... more

Poly Poly Polyamorous! Explore the sexual relationship world of polyamory on tonights episode. We feature special guest star Button who has quite the relationship and crafted together beautifully. Poly kink relationships are certainly... more

This episode we help kinksters network! Everyday we hear horror stories from people trying to meet men and women alike. Its not easy and we wana dedicate an episode on ways to network without being labeled as a "creepy dude" or a... more

This episode we will be hooking up RetroDeviant and doll to explore the Master / slave relationship and explain what this dynamic entails and what it means to them! Retro is a handful so it should be a pretty funny episode!! Im sure the... more

This episode is just Elwood and Synn, kickin it, and talking all about all sorts of types of play. Join us as we explore different types of play and what they are about. Learn about styles all across the board, from impact to... more

Dive into the complex world of service with our special guest star Heather. We will be exploring Domestic service, black booting, sexual, non sexual, physical, all types of service and play partner etiquette. Serving you partner can add a whole... more

Explore the sexual power exchange that lays within rope bondage. This episode we will be hooking up with MaillerPhong to find out what its like being some epic rope top. Elwood is probably going to heat things up and talk about all this rope... more

This episode we will be recapping our adventures at Shibaricon. Shibari is the Japanese form of rope bondage. This is an event where nearly 1000ish rope sluts get together in Chicago from all over the world and enjoy everything to do with... more

Lust For Latex! This week we are exploring the world of kink with Marika (Archean) from Kink Engineering. Learn all about latex as our guest star shares epic tales of adventures and blunders that come with looking hot and... more