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A fun and informative look into the world of Kink, BSDM, Fetishes, and Eroticism.

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This weeks episode we tackle the issue of taboo and all the fun dirty things most perverts think is weird! What's taboo for most can be casual for others so tune in as we discuss the darker side of kink! Also, tales from Vegas as Elwood... more

Tonight we are quite excited to have Samantha Rome on the show with us! Learn what it's like to be a star from someone who's nominated for an AVN award! (That's the 'oscars' of ) Learn the lifestyle, join us as we question all the myths,... more

We're back for 2015 with Morpheous as he is launching his new kink book "Bondage Basics" on January 8th! Click Here to find the book We discuss all the antics and sexy stories over the with Morph to have all the... more

Tonight on The Underground Sex Show, We discuss kink and virginity with Feral_Sophisticate and his girl. Everyone always thinks Kinksters have to have sex to be kinky but it's certainly not true! We discuss that and other... more

Tonights episode we explore the top sex gifts for guys and gals as the holiday season approaches. There are plenty of kinky and playful ideas for the beginner to the experienced! So, you don't just have to be at the 50 shades of... more

Hilarious & Creepy Fetmail Episode! Tonight we read some of our favourite and mind blowing fetmail people have received while trying to enjoy kinkville! Unfortunately, it all seems to be coming from the male population, and wow..... more

Tonight on The Underground Sex Show, lets chat about what its like to have a 24/7 dynamic with your partner and have kids in your life too! What do you tell them when they are old enough?... And funny stories along the way! Join us for... more

Tonight on The Underground Sex Show, we will be going over the Jian Ghomeshi sex scandal uncovered by the CBC and how can you tell the good face slapping from the bad!! Kink or sex of any kind should always be consensual!... more

Tonights episode explores the side of kink mainstream often never discusses and thats humiliation. Theres nothing more fun than exploring a side of kink many rarely get to witness. Humiliation can be fun, embarrissing and open new... more

Tonights episode we are broadcasting Tips and tricks on how to have long lasting responsible poly relationships. We've only scratched the surface of poly-ville before and certainly need to dive right in! It should be full of sex, kink and all the... more