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Its time for the turn UP! let Vince and Camelia give there own perspective on trending topics of the day.

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Did you miss usssss? Wassup Turn Up listeners after a break for the 4th of July holiday we are back tonight. Join Vincent & Camelia as we go in on trending topics tonight, a veritable buffet of sorts, lending our brand of humor... more

After a long wait George Zimmerman finally gets his day in court for the murder of Trayvon Martin. From the very beginning this incident has been racially charged. Zimmerman has staunchly denied that he racially profiled Trayvon... more

Tonight on the Turn Up we will discuss the language of LOVE. How we are "taught" to love, how you "give" love and how you "feel" loved. What is your love language? How were you taught by your family and friends to love others and... more

Ok so now everyone should know by now what happened to Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson the other day when he went to accept a plea deal for parole violation due to a domestic violence case against his ex wife reality star Evelyn Lazado.... more

With Father's day fastly approaching we will discuss the need for the men out there creating these children to become effective and loving fathers. It is essential for the Father to be there because he represents the first view of a man to his... more

Hello my peoples out there its Wednesday and its time for the TurnUP @ 10pm. Join Vincent and Camelia tonight as we bring our usual banter and real talk about trending topics. Not only are we speaking on subjects but we are offering... more

Where Backkkkkkkk! Thats right people after taking a week off on the island of Jamaica we are here to bring the noise on TheTurnUP. Tonight show is going to be a smorgasbord of different current event topics...basically we gonna... more

SEX SEX...Now that I have your attention this is exactly what tonights show is about SEX and how do we keep that spark going in a relationship and or marriage. No question or subject matter will be taboo so don't forget to become... more

Tonight on theturnUP we will discuss theWillie Lynch letter. Is it the "magic bullet" that is responsible for the ills and woes of the black/brown communities that were involved in the slave trade or is a hoax that has allowed our community to use it... more

ilsTonight on theturnUP we will discuss Howone comes to realize there own Truth and or Life calling. As we go down the road of life we hit our share of bumps and bruises via personal interactions with our environment and the people we meet.... more