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Its time for the turn UP! let Vince and Camelia give there own perspective on trending topics of the day.

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Tonight on the Turn Up we discuss relationships Do you remember how you met your significant other? What did you do to get them then? and, would you do it differently now? Come listen, call in, and share your stories with us on The Turn... more

Man you need not to miss the new episode of the Turn Up because we are gonna take it there. Camelia and I have been gathering information and "going down the rabbit hole" so we can bring you the listeners what you've grown... more

This week on the Turn Up we will discuss current events in the news this week. Oh you know i'm gonna go in on Zimmermans crazy ass. We will discuss things that blew our mind this week and of course take a trip down the... more

WE ARE BACK!!!! After two weeks off theturnUP is back with a vengeance. We took that time off to tighten up the ship. We have changed the format to make it smoother and more like a news program. We will visit current events from real... more

Join Vincent and Camelia tonigh as we discuss trending topics of the past week

Tonight on the Turn Up we will tackle the subject of FORGIVENESS and what it means to us and a society as a whole. As usual Vincent and Camelia will bring there common sense approach along with there humor you have all grown to... more

The beauty of having your own show on is that you can schedule an episode anytime you want. So tonight cause we can we will bring a special edition of the Turn Up. Last week we left y'all hanging without your... more

Vincent and Camelia are taking the night off but we have chosen one of our more popular shows to broadcast. Of course it was the one we did about SEX. So if you missed it the first time here is perfect opportunity to hear it tonight or hear it... more

Join Vincent and Camelia tonight as we talk about everything under the sun. Its another smorgasbord of a show and we are asking the listeners to be apart by either calling in at 914-803-4939 or emailing us @ with... more

Tonight was supposed to be a show about Hair but enlight of the past weeks events with the Zimmerman verdict we felt it important to go in on this subject. So unless you've been in a cave you already know Zimmerman beat the murder... more