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Its time for the turn UP! let Vince and Camelia give there own perspective on trending topics of the day.

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Come join us tonight as we discuss current events and the goings on with our collective communities, actually I don't have a given subject to talk about but we'll make you laugh and think

Join us Sunday night at 8 for a great show. Although we don't have a subject as of yet we will as well usually do bring it! NO EXCUSES PEOPLE! No Superbowl or boring ass awards shows to get in the way just your ears and our... more

What is going on with the kids today? Is it the education system, parenting, or society in general that has turned this generation of children into little monsters. It seems like every time you turn around the youth today are involved in more... more

Last week on the Turn Up we dove head first into marriage and relationships. We covered communication and how it is necessary for a working relationship. We spoke about compatibility and touched on the ever important SEX. Well this... more

Its been along time since we been on air but we are back on tomorrow. So after you finished getting your praise on and stuffing your face at Grandma's Sunday dinner make sure you log on and listen @ Call... more

Tonight on the Turn Up we will discuss hair and how it effects ones self esteem. Many women and men have been programmed to view different types of hair as being "good" or "bad". These stereotypes create phobias within the minds of... more

Well we've been gone too long and that is no bueno...So tomorrow we come back with a vengeance for a pre-Turkey day show. So while your making that Mac & cheese, cutting up them greens and getting your drink on listen in @... more

We missed y'all last week but we are back! Join Vincent & Camelia tonight as we review what's been going on since our last show. Call in @ 914-803-4939 to listen and comment

Come join Vincent & Camelia tonight on The Turn Up tonight @ 9:30 as we go in on trending topics and much more.

Tonight on the Turn Up we discuss relationships Do you remember how you met your significant other? What did you do to get them then? and, would you do it differently now? Come listen, call in, and share your stories with us on The Turn... more