The Tubman Solution

The Tubman Solution


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answers with a black power twist. solutions to many of the annoying frustrating, assanine issues we face on a day to day basis answers strictly for black people

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See how the country has become less blatently racist and more institutionally racist

how black people can stop playing petty and stupid games and stop being losers in their relationships and finally get what they want out of life

This a plan for economic development in the black community... it gives an overall general discription of how we can gain collective economic power in the world and it will also give you some pointers on what you can do to make some... more

Take a look at what i believe to be the obligations that any government has in relation to their citizens... and we will also talk about whay it is improtant to think in a symbolic, conceptual and logical way about... more

we will look at many of the community, national and international black leaders and has their policies and ideas really worked out for the average black person

lets talk about some of the most destructive aspects of many modern day black female behaviors and how to eradicate them

Conclusion to part one... gets more into economic, political, ideological reasons why black relationships are for the most part out of wack... We also offer easy to implement solutions every person in an intimate relationship can do today