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Raised in Oakland California, in the mist of racial conflict, victimized as a child, beaten and abused because of his race at the hands of misguided out of control individuals, a young father who suffered the loss of his 3 year daughter and her mother due to a tragic accident, the death of a brother shot and killed, a mother who died at a young age from a fatal disease, caught up in drugs and life on the streets to drown his pain and disappointments, he all but gave up: a broken life, shattered dreams, yet through it all he survived. Today an ordained minister, his focus is on sharing life lessons learned from his own experiences, to help others overcome the challenges, disappointments, and roadblocks that prevent so many from reaching their full potential. Helping others to understand that your past failures or losses do not have to determine you future success, and happiness. Taking a closer look at issues that hang people up, undermine relationships, and cause people to give up, he is a man making a point and making a difference.

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Life is going to test your boundries, and challange your beliefs. Your faith is going to come into question as the trials that come from the storms of life are going to push you to the limits. How you respond will determine the fiber of your... more

Being a man after Gods own heart and your Wifes love, requires you to seek God's wisdom and guidence

If you don't understand your purpose you will never walk into your destiny. Too many times we see other peoples success and sometimes even our own and start to identify that as destiny, when the realiy is it could have been a costly detour.

Sometimes people do things to hurt you or disappoint you that you feel you can never get over from. Truth is you have to. On todays show I will talk about how.

Fathers are missing in action, as the family leaders as husbands as providers and protectors and in their absence they have left a devesting trail of hurt and betrayal..

Life is full of highs and lows what you have to do is figure out how to create more highs to override the lows and postition yourself for a success.When you can start to sort out your mistakes from the mistakes of other people you have allowed... more

Life is full of highs and lows what you have to do is figure out how to create more highs to override the lows and postition yourself for a success.

Living with Drama can be very hard on any woman. It will effect your self esteem and sense of self worth. Time to turn that all around and redirect your energy in a more positive and healthy way.

Many people have been broken as children, abuse, abandonment, deep dark family secrets and now as adults the pain comes out in fits of anger, shattered relationships, and rage.

On todays show the one and only Lindsey Papion, soulful singer and actress she talks about her life and her music.
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