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Seth Andrews, a former Christian broadcaster and believer for 30 years, ultimately escaped the bonds of superstitious thinking to embrace the more satisfying explanations that science provides. A professional video producer and host of one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet, Seth Andrews brings a polished format, a relaxed environment and a rage-free challenge to the religious beliefs that defined his youth.

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Support our sponsor: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist Penn Jillette is half of the hugely popular duo, "Penn & Teller." Over the decades, he's done appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, Letterman, The Simpsons, The West Wing, Babylon 5, Fear Factor and a host of other shows. Penn & Teller's Showtime series "Bullshit" ran for 8 seasons, and they're the feature show at Las Vegas' Rio casino. Penn, like his on-stage partner, is a fearless critic of the Bible and claims of the supernatural. In advance of his appearance at Apostacon in Dallas on September 18, 2015, Penn Jillette joined Seth Andrews for a casual conversation about God, atheism, magic and much more. Penn & Teller website: http://pennandteller.net Penn's Sunday School: http://pennsundayschool.com Apostacon: http://www.apostacon.orghttp://www.apostacon.org
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SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.harrys.com (coupon code: thinkingatheist) Relating to Chaos Theory, the term "butterfly effect" relates to the tiniest of influences leading to large differences in deterministic nonlinear systems. One... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist What is "transgender?" How is sexual identity determined? What are the challenges and opportunites facing those who don't fit into established cultural definitions of... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist What's on your mind? Well...this is your chance to sound off. Call the broadcast to speak with Seth Andrews, or send an email to podcast@thethinkingatheist.com

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist This show is dedicated to the more unusual, bizarre, weird, wild, and often jaw-droppingly offensive apologetics defenses of religious beliefs. What's most surprising is... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.evolvefish.com SHOP THE TTA STORE: http://www.evolvefish.com/The-Thinking-Atheist-s/1840.htm Wait. Sex addiction is a myth? This podcast features two major parts: 1) The June 20th, 2015... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist In his June 20, 2015 speech at the Oklahoma Freethought Convention, Seth Andrews explored how easily we, as human beings, become infatuated with ideas over... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist Beat Magazine calls Shelley's voice an "enchanting, knowing croon...with brilliant pop melodies." Raised in a traditional Jewish culture, Shelley Segal ultimately found... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.harrys.com (promo code: thinkingatheist) Today's show is, simply, a reading of the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. However, author Ed Suominen has fleshed out the story in alarming detail...and... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist They're often known as PKs. Preacher's kids. Children of clergy who often grow up either embracing or condemning the often strict church cultures imposed upon them.... more