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Seth Andrews, a former Christian broadcaster and believer for 30 years, ultimately escaped the bonds of superstitious thinking to embrace the more satisfying explanations that science provides. A professional video producer and host of one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet, Seth Andrews brings a polished format, a relaxed environment and a rage-free challenge to the religious beliefs that defined his youth.

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"War On Christmas" has been used so much in the media, it has become a parody of itself. And yet many still hold to the belief that the baby Jesus is under attack by atheists and secular humanists, and the protests sound at full volume every December. In this broadcast, we talk about some of the noise out there, and we speak to Andrew Seidel of the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the holiday, church/state separation, lawsuits over nativity scenes, atheist holiday celebrations and more. CHRISTMAS: BEHIND THE CURTAIN: YouTube: https://youtu.be/kenbgMjRvlY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seth.andrews.31/videos/vb.100001992705053/931270510282697/?type=2&theater
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From time to time, we do an unscripted broadcast where the listeners provide the theme and content. This is one of those shows. Lots of random stuff in here. Enjoy.

This podcast features the audio from Seth Andrews' presentation at FreeFlo 2015, the Freethought Florida Conference in Orlando. The speech is an often lighthearted (but occasionally alarming) exploration of "sacred" ideas and... more

Religious parents and institutions know the importance of a child's developmental years, and how difficult it is to tell/sell supernatural claims once the child reaches his or her teen years. In this podcast, Seth Andrews explores the... more

Steve Hill, Maryellen Hooper and Keith Lowell Jensen are professional comedians. They are also atheists. In this roundtable discussion, Seth Andrews asks them about life on the road (and the stage), how their non-belief in the... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.harrys.com (promo code: thinkingatheist) Is it possible to "talk someone out of their faith?" Is it even appropriate or worthwhile to make an attempt? If so, how might atheists best approach those... more

Halloween is almost upon us, which means it's time again to turn down the lights, crank up the podcast, and share some ghost stories. Yes, skeptics can enjoy ghost stories, and this annual tradition has become hugely popular with the TTA... more

Why do we become afraid? Is it rational or irrational to fear the dark, spiders, the boogeyman, the things that go bump in the night? It's October, the month of frights. So, a week in advance of our Ghost Stories episode, we expore the... more

Christianity. Where did it come from? Who wrote the books of the Bible? Is there any evidence for a god or man named Jesus? Why has Christianity remained so popular over the ages? This podcast features two interviews, conducted by Seth... more

SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: http://www.audiblepodcast.com/thinkingatheist Muhammad Syed is the executive director and Sarah Haider is director of development of Ex-Muslims of North America. Both are former Muslims. Armin... more