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Tribute to Poet Will "Da Real One" Bell On May 29, 2011 a world renowed Poet by the name of Willie Bell Jr. aka "Will Da Real One" Belll was murdered in coldblood as he closed up his business The Literary Cafe located in North... more

Allyssa Chic (pronounced sheek) Twenty-Five year old hip-hop artist and songwriter Allyssa Chic is nothing short of genuine talent. She began writing and performing her own lyrics at age eleven and since then has taken her gift all... more

Sy discusses Basketball Wives: Shaunie O'neal and Tami Roman Ask Sy Letter: "I caught my husband in bed with another man!" Upcoming Guest: Hip Hop Artist Ayllssa Chic on June 6th at 2 pm EST. TUNE IN Previous Guest:... more

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Lamar Starzz headed to Atlanta with a couple of dollars and a dream. Lamar Starzz is his name, you won't forget it after hearing his smooth melotic vocals. Recently signed by Grammy... more

DOES REALITY TV HAVE ITS FIRST CHARACTER ACTRESS FROM YOUTUBE? Internet sensation, Deena Jacobs, has been featured on Perez Hilton and many other celebrity blogs, is now a rising star in reality and episodic... more

Natalie Brown Born in Canada, Natalie Brown‘s passion for music was nurtured from a young age by her involvement in theater, gospel music, creative writing and local session work as a vocalist and writer. Upon deciding to pursue... more

WHO IS MUTHA KNOWS Blog Talk Host "Mutha Knows" reveals ALL in this exclusive interview. Mutha Knows is known for interviewing Celebrities both old and new from the late great Tina Marie, Vesta Williams to Anita Baker... more

Check out my achive interview of Model, Actor and Singer Jmoreen. You can catch him on this season of Lisa Raye's television show, "Single Ladies" as well as Necessary Roughness on USA Network. Twitter:... more

HipHop Artist Money For most people being shot 5 times and being confined to a wheelchair could take away your will to live, but not for rising star hiphop artist, Money, it's had the opposite effect. Money speaks to Sy about what keeps him... more

Can you survive without Twitter, Facebook and your cellphone? 20 years ago we were having conversations with people face to face. In 2012 people do not know how to have a conversation with someone face to face thanks to... more