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Something For Everyone

Something For Everyone


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A mixture of various topics and views that is purposed to positively influence the mind, body and soul of its listeners. Encouraging joy in the face of adversity, having the courage to face truth and not have it watered down to appease the majority, striving to show that you can be your own boss, and how to be motivated to achieve it all. Words can change a nation and we want to start in the hearts of our listeners by letting our voice be heard. We refuse to keep biting our tongues.

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The initials W.W.J.D. is widely used among the Christian community but the world laughs in our face. Why do they laugh you may ask? Well, since the initials ask What Would Jesus Do, a great many Christian leaders do just the opposite of... more

Anger Masks Pain If asked, everyone will agree that we are living in an angry world. Everyone is angry or quick to anger. Youth are angry and rebellious and should they live, they become angry and rebellious adults. The host of Let's... more

Legalism VS Compromise When there is a poor circulation of blood in our bodies, the restricted blood flow hinders the normal functioning of the heart giving death the opportunity to rear its ugly head! The same holds true when... more

What am I sharing with others that will edify the Love of God through that connection? People want to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and will attempt to tell their story everywhere they go. However, the fulfillment that we... more

The old adage in life is that "the opposite of love is not hate but, rather indifference". Most Christians believe that this statement magnifies the truth about the need for the AGAPE Love of Jesus Christ. God and His Agape Love is... more

Are we in danger of missing a generation? If a portion of this generation of youth are dying and the other portion are locked-up, then what changes have we invoked by our actions? A child can no longer participate in change if they are no... more

Perception VS Reality If our children's actions stem from their environment, then grown-ups we are in trouble. If our children are dying or being locked-up, how can we look the other way and believe it is not our fault. If you are a part of this... more

Our children are not equipped from birth to deal with the adversary. Our greatest job as a parent, guardian, teacher, or preacher is to train up a child in the proper way and not expose them to elements of evil. Each guardian has been given... more

Anything successful in life must be governed by rules. So to successfully educate our youth, a set of rules have been put in place so that each individual student might have a successful journey from Pre-K to 12th grade. For our kids to have... more

One of the greatest gifts to mankind is the life of a child. One of the greatest terrors is that mankind is not losing our children to accidents or diseases but to deaths ranging from neglect of the mind which results in their incarceration to... more