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Something For Everyone


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A mixture of various topics and views that is purposed to positively influence the mind, body and soul of its listeners. Encouraging joy in the face of adversity, having the courage to face truth and not have it watered down to appease the majority, striving to show that you can be your own boss, and how to be motivated to achieve it all. Words can change a nation and we want to start in the hearts of our listeners by letting our voice be heard. We refuse to keep biting our tongues.

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The thing that works at holding us prisoner attacks our minds and we have named it fesr. Have you found yourself standing in the same place in life day after day after day? Afraid to move because you afraid of failure or rejection which is one and the same if you really look at it. The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will address the horrific lock-up that starts in our minds and affects our entire life. Please join us today by dialing 347-843-4945 at 4pm on Sunday, September 25, 2016 and discuss the time fear made you a prisoner.
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We are all held accountable for the way we make others feel and believe it or not, there is formula. The host of Let's Talk Truth and her guest will examine the unwritten formula that is essential for maintaining the right fellowship with... more

Everyone is purposed to live and do a certain thing in life and it should be smooth sailing. Why are our lives so complicated which causes a constant outcry in the hearts of mankind. The more we work, the behinder we get and the more... more

It seems that we are hard pressed to find God once we leave the church facility. Does he travel with us to the mall, grocery stores or better yet, our jobs. Whether we own our personal businesses where we hire others or if we are just... more

The way females are looked at by society is sometimes very degrading and of no value. Are the actions of our present day females dependent on how they view themselves or is it just what they believe to be right way to present themselves.... more

What happened to the trust in God, the compassion for others, love for one another that should be fueling our daily survival? When did things change in abundance? According to what we have been taught through righteousness,... more

Our success in life depends on the choices we make but all of our choices depends on the help that we get from others. The help that we actually seek is known as wisdom but not everyone is looking to share their spot light. There are... more

We know that if we are to live and be prosperous, we must focus on change. That change must be positive and the change must be for every living and breathing human being. There are the years in the past when we needed change so bad,... more

Addiction of any kind will eventually damage a person's life in one capacity or another. We are horrified if the addiction is drugs, sex or alcohol that is doing the dmage but what if it is "DRAMA". There are many lives destroyed by daily... more

Look at your life and check out the "lack" and as you start to focus on that one word, remember there is a reason for it. Should we believe that all things were made perfect and whole? If we are to believe that, then what happened to our... more

Do you find yourself questioning why things are affecting the day to day lives of all of us? The emotional state of all of us are moved by headline to headline that the media strategically projects to us minute by minute of each day. What does it... more