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The Steven James Experience


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Dependa's Serial killers and more. why the hell no

Yeah right a Description? We dont plan the show!

Mexico usurping the US? Facebook games too much? and much much more.

Social Media is a big part of the day to day culture in America but as it pertains to the Armed Forces, has it gone to far?

With the Celebration of our great nation coming up its time to show some love for America. If you dont....Then the Terrorists win!

Rainbow Sesame Street? This Day in History. Drink Drank Drunk... here comes the skunk SJE Fu*k it! Friday is your place to get your friday night laughs weeps and your "did he just *bleeping* say that!?" moments tune in tonight 7pm PST

Chinese Boobies of Mass Destruction? Oral Sex for women not given respect? Turning back the hands of time....for a math test? and much more tonight on SJE

Tonight's SJE explores what can make a man rip off his own cock. Russia waging war on....Food?. Taking out the Garbage. All this and more tonight on SJE

Chris Brown a man child? Breast milk drinking Celebs WTF!? and Jim Carrey asskicked? All this and more on SJE

Oh its time its time the boys are back in toy