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Oh its time its time the boys are back in toy

Lil' Wayne flag stopping a horrible thing or freedom of speech in a nutshell. Tony Soprano dies at age 51, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian worlds stupidest parents?

Back to the craziness that has made this show famous in the tri living room area

After a Brief Hiatus SJE is back

Share all your dirty little secrets. we wont tell. Are you secretly bi sexual and you dont want people to know? are you more promiscuious then you let on? all this and more tonight on SJE

Ever wonder why you're always in the friend zone? Need to know why your spouse just wont support your decisions? Whats the Most affective way to let someone know you want to bang them? all this and more on Relationship... more

Tonight on SJE. its gruesome, its ugly, its scary....and no i am not talking about my face!. its MEDICAL MAYHEM. all of the worst stories from the medical profession both hilarious and gruesome. Medics its your time to shine

Due to Time Constraints and technical difficulties enjoy the very funny saturday edition replay . normal show will continue tommorow tuesday may 7th at 6pm PST

Super Bowl of Video Game Villians Brandon from and some sort of sexual references im sure