The Warrior Bride Awakening

The Warrior Bride Awakening

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Sounding the End-Times Call for the Bride of Christ to arise and walk in Her Bridal Identity and prepare for the Wedding Supper of The Lamb of God. Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David in the earth in the end-times, a House of Prayer for all Nations, where Night & Day Worship and Intercession is rising to the Throne of God.

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Salvation in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ must result in a transformed life that is progressively reflecting the image of Christ. It is very important that people understand that this is the goal of our God. In the... more

Overseer Hal Ngoy is the Pastor of the New Wine House of Prayer. He is speaking on the release of the Assignment and Mandate for The New Wine House of Prayer to mobilize, prepare and release an Apostolic and Prophetic... more
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