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Danah Hilden of The Spritual Envoy interviews author Sara Chetkin about her new book, The Healing Curve: A Catalyst to Consciousness. Sara Chetkin had severe back pain caused by scoliosis. She tried to ingore her back paid but as... more
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Join Danah Hilden of The Spiritual Envoy as I talk with the author of Your Soul Remembers. JoAnne Dimaggio tell us about many different individuals past life regression sessions. The stories in Your Soul Remembers transport the reader... more

Dr. Joseph Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with thirty years' experience as a therapist. His interest in human potential led him to explore how we can manifest what we desire. In 1992 be began to investigate psychokinesis (PK)... more

Join Danah Hilden of The Spiritual Envoy as we interview author, Jan Greene, about her new book: I Call Myself Earth Girl, a novel which will appeal to visionaries, seekers, dreamers and those who believe there is a better way to... more

Join Danah Hilden as she interviews author, Betsy Otter Thompson about her newest book, What Happens If I... Her latest work that explains how to make action/reaction work for you instead of against you. This book can help us in... more

Join The Spiritual Envoy as we interview Dr. Gregg Korbon as he shares with us his book Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child. He wrote this book for two reasons. The first was to help him understand the miraculous chain... more

Join us as we interview the author of Walking Through Illusion Betsy O. Thompson. This is a fascinating book that was written in the format of an interview with Jesus. The book contains rich examples of living with Grace and Humility.... more

Join The Spiritual Mom's Corner as we interview Betsy Otter Thompson about her latest eBook "LoveParent; How To Be The Parent You Hope To Be." Betsy Otter Thompson's work has always gravitated toward the median. Betsy worked... more

Join Danah Hilden and The Spritual Envoy as we talk with Monica McDowell about her new book You are Light. 8 Words Reveal Your Truest Self. You are Light. The Divine Spark within alll of us shines brighter than ten thousand suns.... more

Susan Baller-Shepard joins The Spiritual Mom's Corner and The Spiritual Envoy. Susan is a writer, speaker, and minister living in Bloomington, IL., with her husband and three children. Susan Baller-Shepard speaks with us about her... more
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