The Spiritual Envoy

    Tony McLean was a practicing electrical engineer until one day everything changed.  This show is really interesting and filled with information my head was kinda spinning when it was over (Danah here).   He describes what seems was a sort of energetic surge that resulted in him changing his life work from engineer to healer.  During this surge lwhich  he later  called it a Kundalini rising experience  He described himself as a very healthy vegetarian who one day collapsed on the floor of his workplace.  After his collapsed he did selftalk telling himself he was OK and practiced breathing calmly.  After he collapsed he felt odd and dizzy. But after resting that night he went back to work but made an appointment with his doctor.  He then collapsed again at work.  He then went to the doctor and had a myriad of tests all of which came back normal. The doctor instead gave him medication for anxiety. 

    For the next six months he was in a bed and felt like he was in a void with God.  He lost a lot of weight during this time.  The only way he could sleep was when he was in a bathtub as when he was out of water his body would spasm.  At the end of six months he says he came back to his “right” mind.  Conventional medicine has no explanation for what happened to him.  His company held job for him for one year.  He tried to go back to work but was unable to.

He then went to alternative healers, including a past life regression.  He now thinks he had a severe kundalini rising experience.   A kundilini rising is considered the divine essence of a being that is often dormant sometimes the energy rises up in the physical and energetic body.  He now believes he was so stubborn and into the five senses only that he needed a cosmic 2 by 4 to wake up.

      He began having dreams of crystals in different forms such as growing as a plant or hidden under people’s homes.  He obtained large crystals and put them in his home.  They helped calm him down and make him not so sensitive which he felt was wonderful.  He located the minors in Africa and got crystals directly from them.  He tried to understand all these crystals and how they had a positive effect on him.  

He then got into radionics, a technology using focused energy.  He had a design in his head a design that would create a crystal wand with an internal circuitry and it is self cleansing.   He has clear quartz formations and he calls them generators, as they generate energy in a wide dispersed pattern.  He describes another beta quartz crystals that he says are grounding. He has crystals that are as large as a chair. 

He works with crystals and other tools to heal. Eva describes holding one of the crystals and it actually cut her skin.  He gets impressions of energy that an individual needs and then gets an agreement with the crystal elementals to see if they want to assist in the healing.  There is alot more so listen to the archive!


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