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The Sound of Freedom

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Clear your mind, take a deep breath and tune in, as you will not hear talk radio like this anywhere else in the world. No one will tell you like it is like Ryan Brooks, Sunday nights, right here. You will not hear this message from the controlled patriot movement. Mainstream media cowers at the thought of you hearing this broadcast. If you have found this show more likely than not you know we have a serious problem, this show will tell you what you can do about it. The Sound of Freedom can be heard Live on 1650 AM NY and FREE YOUR MIND! TAKE THE SONS OF LIBERTY ACADEMY FOR FREE AT *Trolls* Bring it on

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Ryan will be joined by Nevada's Next Governor David Lory VanDerBeek that and your phone calls tonight 9 pm pacific Midnight eastern at 1650 AM NY Check out the high quality... more

FRIDAY IS OPEN PHONES NIGHT! CALL IN AT 646 716 7667 The phone lines will be open all broadcast long so call in to the show with what ever is on your mind at 646-716-7667 1650 AM NY Check out the high quality audio stream at... more
01:58 1650 AM NY Check out the high quality audio stream at Join the chat at Email Ryan at the... more

501(c)(3) Churches: Caesar Got Your Tongue, Government Hush-Money And Much Much More Tune in to the first 20 minutes of the show for your chance to win a free pocket Consitution and a copy of Tragedy and Hope by Professor... more

Tonight on The Sound of Freedom How to stay focused on what matters as the world around us seems to melt down Updates on The Armed march on Washington DC scheduled for July 4th 2013 35 excuses people use to not... more

Tonight on The Sound of Freedom We are on the verge of going from the denial phase into the anger phase in American Society. What is the Anger phase of society? What will it look like? What will it sound like? Plus How to stay focused... more

FRIDAY NIGHT IS OPEN PHONE NIGHT CALL IN ALL SHOW LONG AND SPEAK YOUR MIND! 646-716-7667 Investigative Journalist Mikael Thalen will be dropping by to discuss the latest issues happening around the nation... more

Tonight Ryan will be going into more detail as to why covering the collapse play by play at this moment in time is completely pointless. Plus The Crisis Is Imminent: ?When The Real Crash Comes It Will Be Worse Than the Great... more

Tonight on The Sound of Freedom 9 pm pacific Midnight Eastern Community Crisis Planning for Societal Collapse also Elijah Johnson of will be dropping by to talk with Ryan about the... more

Tonight on The Sound of Freedom 9pm pacific Midnight eastern Ryan will be breaking some rules tonight, as he will be confronting the "alternative" media head on... what have we and our listeners become? What are we doing? Where... more
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