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The Souls Intent

The Soul's Intent


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Author, Psychologist, & Spiritual Teacher Ernie Vecchio shares insights about the New Wisdom on Human Suffering

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We hear all the time that some of life's greatest lessons are hiding in plain sight. You can see as a spiritual being when you close your eyes and try to see with something else. This is the vision of the human heart. It's a perspective that... more

We witnessed this past weekend what happens when the human spirit provokes us into passion and purpose. During the peaceful demonstration of healing and saying 'enough is enough' many are realizing (some for the first time) that this... more

There is no bigger confusion in our culture than the difference between a spiritual and psychological wound. In fact, there is a tendency to merge the two as if they are the same. A spiritual wound is an event that happens outside of time that... more

The soul orchestrates life for us to see on the outside what is happening internally. It turns out, this is the only way the ego can see to change. Most think it is the other way around. If I can just get my life in order 'out here' everything... more

From the soul's perspective you are whole and more than enough. Its only desire is to BE in this moment fully without restriction. The ego is more concerned about whether it is deserving, worthy, or normal. You can see that in one reality you... more

When we are born there is a sense that we are a clean slate. Not much unlike a piece of clay that can be shaped and formed by its experience. Few remember that the contents of this vessel that is us is our essence- the soul. Psychology... more

We've all heard the dichotomy: ?We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.? – Teilhard de Chardin - Such phrases are important as we seek a valid context for... more

Most people believe that it is good to have a healthy ego but there is nothing healthy about ego in the spiritual sense until it has been suffered awake. The ego tries to convince us that it is there to serve and protect us. It... more

The human spirit is designed to provoke the ego awake. This means our feeling re-action to the 'fated break' is self-correcting. It can take a lifetime if we never realize that the Soul's Path is something we must choose. *This show reminds... more

Spiritual psychology defines soul as the essence of our human potentials, latent within us capable of being actualized and manifested in our daily lives. *This show discusses the personality or ego as a composite container of our expressed self... more
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