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The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques. Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. Visit The Go! Agency online for more details:

On-Demand Episodes

Have you spent lots of time building the perfect branded blog for your business? If so - well done! But what happens when your blogs are not bringing you the attention you desire? Join Christopher Tompkins today as he shares some... more

As it begins to warm up outside, many marketing plans begin to cool off with the thought of summer approaching. Join Christopher Tompkins as he shares some reasons why you should be revisiting your marketing plan NOW instead of at... more

By now you are probably familiar with podcasting and may have already listened to a few. But is their a value in these for your business? Tune in to today's episode as host Christopher Tompkins shares his insights on the power of... more

Just launch your new blog and full of ideas about topics? Sounds great! But, are you 4 months into your blog marketing and just can't seem to come up with any other new topics? Join Christopher Tompkins today as he shares some great... more

Have you been reading all of the blogs about the power of using contests to increase engagement on your social media accounts? Have you then tried a contest, but it really didn't pack the punch you expected? Join Christopher... more

If you are a marketer at an assisted living facilty, you have many different hats to where and many times are spread very thin. But with so many memorable moments happening around you, there is a powerful marketing tool right under... more

While many home health companies are waking up to the power of social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - there are still other major options out there that will not only bring your business to life, but help you connect and... more

LinkedIn is an absolute powerhouse for your marketing - especially when it comes to gaining more visibility for your home health company and principle staff...but are you using it to its full potential? Join host Christopher Tompkins... more

If you are a home health company, you probably have a Facebook Page for your business. But...have you got all of the bells and whistles right? Is your branding a bit off kilter? Do you even have the right type of Page for your business? Join... more

If you are a home health care company, you may be trying your hand at marketing your company on Twitter......but how much success are you having? you see any value in Twitter marketing at all when it comes to home health? Join... more