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The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques. Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. Visit The Go! Agency online for more details:

On-Demand Episodes

Have you wanted to create a video to promote your company online...but are not sure where and how to start? Tune in to The Social Marketing Academy today and hear Christopher's step by step tips to get started! Are you trying to create... more

Facebook has two great new features to enhance the Page you have for your business. Know what they are? We do! On today's show, Christopher will share the two new features of Facebook Page's that will take your Page to the next... more

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Unless you have been completely out of the loop, you are well aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It has grown over the past few weeks like wildfire and now it is not only raising lots of awareness, but also lots of money that the charity... more

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There is nothing worse than trying to grow your business, and finding that you don't have the resources needed to strike while the iron is hot. Want to make sure this doesn't happen to you? Then tune in today and let Christopher... more

Are you a social media failure? do you know if you aren't tracking? Listen in today as Christopher shares his top tips for setting social media goals and tracking your progress on the road to online marketing success. The... more

Are you a local business trying to beat your competition when it comes to new business? Then you need to try these three tactics for marketing success! The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing... more

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