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Insights and more from Mina Bast, The Smitten One. A Master Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, ordained minister, and certified practitioner of Theta Healing, Mina Bast has been studying metaphysics since the age of 11. for a private session write minabast @ If you feel inspired to contribute to the continuation of this free show please visit: Thank You for taking your power.

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Mina Bast will be doing a live session today on Scott (from episode2) tonight at 9pm (cst). Because the show is live we have no way of letting you know what it will be about! You just have to show up like us and see what kinda magic... more

Master Practitioner of Matrix Energetics Mina Bast will be doing a live phone session on Annalysa today. She's hoping to tap into GRACE-FILLED relationships with WORK & MONEY & MEN. Let's see what shows up. :)... more

Mina Bast does a remote session on Connie in Texas. This is LIVE. Updates will follow the session to provide more insights into what we covered in this call.

Today Mina Bast does a live session on Shannon in Montana. Today we're gonna talk about TRUST.

Mina Bast does a remote session on a client using skills as an intuitive, Master Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, and Theta Healing certified Practitioner. Today she'll talk live with Toni who is hoping to gain insight into feeling more whole... more

Today Mina Bast will be talking with Kevin about mula, rubels, sheckels, clams, goats, money, dinero. This show has no script for this show, no rehearsal. It is live and 100% in the moment. "It is the purest expression I can allow to flow forth... more

Today I will do a remote session on Fritz, a member of the Matrix Energetics message board. I know absolutely nothing about Fritz at this point so literally Anything could show up today. The beautiful part is, I trust the coolest possible... more

Mina Bast will be doing a remote session on Scott today. He is in Tulsa, OK and experiencing back pain. We will see if we can tap into the underlying thought pattern supporting that painful reality and create a shift there so that the new... more

A telephone session with Wendy who originally came to me with liver disease "stuff". Our sessions have revealed some of the many gifts that illness can bring. Today we'll see what else will show up. I will be using skills and techniques... more
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