The Sisterhood Exchange

The Sisterhood Exchange


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Based on the book, The Sisterhood Exchange, the show explores the quality of the energy exchanged between women and how it impacts their lives.

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What if there is a way to not only release regret regarding your past, but to also live your life in a way that keeps regret away? What if the the very same experiences that continue to cause you anguish, became sources of inspiration?... more

With the murders of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and many, many others, it seems that killing unarmed black males is an epidemic in this country. Because it's a multi-faceted problem it requires a multi-faceted... more

The murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and others has the nation talking about the dangers of being a black male in this country. One segment of society is convinced that black males are... more

This week's episode reviews some of the week's top stories involving women. From a little girl making history in the sports world to a famous writer sharing her gift in a place you may not expect, this week continues the celebration of... more

Robin Williams brought us so much joy and laughter, which makes his death an even deeper lesson for all, since mental illness crosses gender, race and socioeconomic levels. The funny man's suicide has placed the discussion about... more

Today's episode is a free flowing discussion about sisterhood and how it's showing up in the world. Two prominent stories deliver real life examples of how forgiveness and compassion impact on people's lives.

When a woman can see herself in other women; when she can genuinely celebrate another woman's success; when a woman can feel compassion instead of judgment when another sister stumbles, she has embraced the... more

Viewing your experiences from a different perspective can sometimes be just the boost you need to move forward. A skilled life coach provides wisdom, motivation and a level of accountability that can result in the achievement of goals... more

One of the most effective ways to receive more of what you want in your life is to give it away to someone else. It's a positive spin on the saying, "what goes around, comes around!" Whether you donate time, talents or treasure, paying it... more

When we get serious about finding and pursuing our passion, stepping out of our comfort zone to fulfill the desires of our heart, dropping old habits to embrace life principles that propel us forward, who we tell the details of our goals to becomes... more