The Shoot

by Gary Cantrell

When you think to this years Summer Blockbusters, quite a few come to mind. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter, Terminator: Salvation, are just to name a few. But when you combine them all together, there's no possible chance that you'll come even close to the excitement that the WJFK Main Street Mafia delivers in their 2nd film Mafia vs. Predator. In just 3 short months following the critically acclaimed Main Event Mafia vs. Undead World Order short film, Chad Dukes and company began preparing what would be a true summer blockbuster. This time they are back to fight their toughest challenge yet, the Predator. The film is set after the last one, and the Mafia is looking for some vacation time. They head out on a camping trip only to find out they aren't alone and that they won't be able to relax until they take out their newest opponent. From the start to the end there are plenty of laughs in store, pretty much triple if not more from the last film and this one is about an extra 7-8 minutes longer than the last one. There is also no shortage of action and homo-erotic suggestions which makes for an interesting film to say the least.

Along with the release of the new film comes a bigger premiere. Keeping with their word, the cast of the Big O & Dukes show brought this masterpiece to the big screen and had a line wrapped around the building. Unfortunately everyone did not get to make it in, but we are told however that the film will be shown on as soon as it becomes available so no one will have to miss out. The event took place at the Arlington Cinema & Draft House in Arlington, VA. Much like last time, Oscar Santana (One Half of the Big O & Dukes show) came out to get the festivities started. Unfortunately this time around everyone's emotions were high as 106.7 WJFK flips to 106.7 The Fan on Monday Morning and they knew this would be the final time everyone would get together. Oscar encouraged everyone to support the new projects such as The Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes which is one of the new shows that will come with the format change to sports talk. He also encouraged everyone to stand on their feet in celebration of the show and the Main Street Mafia movie which drew a standing ovation.

Following his words, he introduced a new video which was a 8 minute short film titled "New Beginnings (Chet's First Day)". The films premise is that Chet Dicks played by Chad Dukes starts a new job at WJFK, and everyone is seemingly out to get him. He tries to convince everyone that he's worked there before as an on-air talent but they don't remember him and having running around doing small jobs. I don't want to spoil anymore of it, you just have to watch it. This is one of the funniest short films I have ever seen, and I would recommend that you watch this one first.

Following the movie, the music played and the Main Street Mafia made their way onto the stage. Nash Dukes took the time and introduced all of the guys and then proceeded to introduce the movie. The crowd explodes as the lights go down and the movie begins. Following the film, the boys come back on to the stage and we are then greeted by Sven Lloyd who produces the Big O & Dukes show and he proceeded to take the spotlight and place it on himself but quickly learned that you don't steal the Mafia's thunder. He was made short work out of until Othello Bouchareb makes his way out on to the stage to seemingly make the save and then the entire crowd is silenced as he rips off his shirt to reveal that he has joined the Main Street Mafia. The newly formed Main Street Mafia poses together before beating down Sven again and leaving the stage to end the live show.

I can't stress enough to everyone how hard these guys work. Everytime I've been to an appearance put on by Big O & Dukes and WJFK its always a top notch production. I've personally had more fun at these movie premieres than I have seeing a regular movie in a theater. Perhaps its the larger than life characters, the accessibility of these guys, or just the great show they put on for everyone who made it a point to come out and see them. I've heard of some people driving multiple hours just to spend 3 final hours with Big O & Dukes. It shows in the amount of people that wrapped around a building, some not even getting in that came all the way out just to say thanks to the two guys who have brought all of these people together. If you weren't in attendance, you missed something truly special. I don't think we will ever see another show like this in our lifetimes. Simply said, it doesn't get any better than this.

Special thanks go out to Chad Dukes, Justin Merhoff, and the rest of the WJFK staff who put this event on for having The Shoot there to cover it all. It was truly an honor!

Remember to check out for all the latest and future videos from the Main Street Mafia

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