The Session w/ Mitch and Rob

The Session w Mitch and Rob

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What the show lacks in focus and discipline it makes up for with style and class. Sports, MMA, entertainment we can't make up our mind.

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Grey Trey returns to the mic, but now he is known as Earl Grey Trey, because Crow said so. We talk about the Rumble, and some Raw I guess...but hilarity ensues.

As we begin our new term here on The Session we have decided to bring you the latest in sports, entertainment, and mixed martial arts. No topic is off limits.

Check out the latest episode as the cast is fully loaded. Listen to all three segments featuring entertainment, sports, and mixed martial arts.

The one where Buzz and Crow get really careless. Like that George Michael song. You know? The one that goes...well just listen.

Check out the sports segment from The Session Live show. We give our take on RG Knee.

Listen to our MMA segment titled Total Beat Down. MMA Expert Jon Wheaton joins the show weekly to keep us in line.

Listen to our entertanment segment from The Session 'Live'. Our expert, TM Powell from Tampa's CW44, joins us weekly to break down the latest in movies and television.

From the depths of the seas we bring you another edition of The Session. Join us as we proceed to THE KNEE. From entertainment to MMA we can't make up our mind.

Mitch and Rob are back to bring in the New Year with the first 2013 edition of The Session. Entertainment to MMA no topic is off limits.

The one where Crow and Buzz introduce our Smackdown correspondant: Heel Kat, who's mic acts like Crow's back in the day. Also, we kinda touch on RAW, and see who could break Undertaker's streak. TL;DR: Show. Listen.