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After two NYPD officers are killed, PBA President Pat Lynch blames Mayor DiBlasio for their deaths plus the reaction to Obama and Cuba and a loophole in the Bible that doesnt adress abortion? Today at 10PM on The Ron Kelly Show... more

Today on The Ron Kelly Show, NBA players wearing "I can't breathe" t-shirts. The reaction falls along racial lines plus the GOP attempts to remove the Wall Street regulations and return us to pre-2008 risks of another collapse and the police... more

The aftermath of the Garner verdict and the fallout plus the GOP efforts to deny the President to make the State of the Union address and all the other news of the week on The Ron Kelly Show.

Get ready for an extended version of The Ron Kelly Show where it's all about Ferguson and the sham prosecution by St. Louis County DA Bob McCulloch. I'll have clips from all involved including NAACP National President Willaim Cornell... more

Today on The Ron Kelly Show, another officer involved shooting of an unarmed innocent african american this time in NewYork City, plus the Obama immigration speech and why was it snubbed by the Big 4 networks and what does it mean... more

Things are getting hot in Ferguson, Missouri as they brace themselves for the grand jury verdict in the Micheal Brown murder case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Today on The Ron Kelly Show, I have all the comments of local... more

Today on the show, 35th District Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter D-NJ talks about the mid-term elections and what the devastating loss means for the President and the Democrats. Plus all the other news and issues of the week... more

So called "conservative goon" Mychal Massie stops by to talk about his views, He has been accused to saying that blacks were better off during slavery than they are under liberal laws. Plus election day is Tuesday. Who should you vote... more

The Michael Brown Case. What happened? Why are we pinning our hopes on local politicians? The mid-term elections are right around the corner. Are the Democrats doing enough to earn our vote? Plus all the latest news here on The... more

Today on The Ron Kelly Show, we discuss african Americans taking ownership of the problems in our connunity instead of blaming everyone else plusd Obama and Ebola. What the President proposes plus all the news and current events with... more