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Thought provoking, well informed, entertaining news talk radio from my unique viewpoint.

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Ablack secutiry guard is killed by police for doing his job and once again we stand by and do nothing. Whats the answer to stopping the wanton murder of our people? Plus is there really a sucker born every minute as PT Barnum once... more

So the midterms are over and guess who's taking the crdit for the GOP senate gain. Who won and who lost? My commentary coming up plus another mass shooting and why isn't anyone talking about it and what could we possibly do... more

Could President Trump be right about the 14th Amendment and more importantly could i be withi him on this one??? Plus both sides are pulling out all the stops as they criss cross the country stumping for their candidates. What's... more

The latest on the Bombs that were sent to prominent Democratic leaders including 2 former presidents. Who's behind it. You don't have to look far plus vetran Newark New Jersey activist and author Abdul Muhammad stops by to talk about... more

Random thoughts and my valuable opinions and commentary on all thats happening in the world today.

So sick of hearing people tell me its not about race. Everything is about race plus Kavanaugh winners and losers plus 2 women 2 races same crime two outcomes and all the other news on The Ron Kelly Show.

The clock is ticking for Kavanaugh and the GOP Senate plus what is the origin of the Patriot. What does it really mean and who's the shooter in Florence SC and the news on The Ron Kelly Show.

How embarrased are you as an American now that this circus of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing? Who do you believe Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford?. Plus what a sad sight it was to see Anerica's dad hauled off in handcuffs. Are you down... more

Dallas Police Chief says she is prohibited by law from firing Dallas Officer Amber Guyger for barging into Botham Jean's apartment and killing him. Later she turns around and says she doesnt want to interfere with the investigation so what... more

The latest on Dallas Police killing of Botham Jean and the image it projects plus just what is Nike after anyway with the Kaepernick ad? Do they support social justice reform or they after profits. Another mass shooting and Tennis umps... more