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The Ron Kelly Show

The Ron Kelly Show


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Thought provoking, well informed, entertaining news talk radio from my unique viewpoint.

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Who cheats better men oe women. Inquiring minds want to know plus Cosby conviction justifiable or racism? Plus why post about racism if youre not willing to do something about it plus dont leyt her history be a mystery. All that and the... more

My super special Paterson Mayoral Election Special. It's all I wanted to say about the candidates but I decided to wait until after the election. Who won, who lost and why plus all you need to know about politics but was too arrogant to... more

Paterson Council Candidate Casey Melvin stops in for a talk just days before the election plus Who still supports Bill Cosby? plus why do so many people care about what Kanye West says is the #metoo movement destroying lives unfairly... more

America's Dad guilty of 3 counts of aggravated sexual assault. Was there really a need for the second trial? Also a fight at Starbucks injures a police officer, whos suing by the way, why don't boycotts and buying black promotions dont... more

Paterson mayoral candidate Andrea Wheeler Kinnion comes on to talk about her campaign plus I'll update you on my appearance on the television show The Morning Stretch with Tony Herbert, Plus Philadelphia Police Chief holds a press... more

How many of us plan to die? What do you want people to say about you? Do you care? Plus Lincoln is credited with freeing the slaves but did he really? The story behind the emancipation proclamation and the penis liability. Many powerful and... more

It's the 50th anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What was it about him the put fear in white people plus James Holmes, the Colorado shooter had an ideal family life. Are broken homes the real problem of why good kids... more

The Ron Kelly Show

Another young black man is gunned down by police. Facebook rants wont stop it plus reparations and who should get them also racism and how it affects the way we earn a living and Jackson for Mayor. Plus my weekly rants on everything... more

How ill you explain yourself when you meet your maker plus step parenting do's and dont's and the fragile state of life in America today