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The Ron and Don Show

The Ron and Don Show

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ON POINT that features co-hosts Don Allen, the editor-in-chief of the Independent Business News Network, Internet Marketing and Social Media Consultant and Mr. Ronald A. Edwards, host of Black Focus and the author of The Minneapolis Story. Join us each Saturday starting at 3 p.m. (CST) as we examine situations in the Black community with the attempt to create fair and balanced public discourse. Both Edwards and Allen have a long history of investigative reporting. Our goal is to provide listeners with the information they don't get in the local and national mainstream media.

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At the top of the program, we will have an exlusive interview with organizers of the Hamline (University) Care Stars & Stripes 5k Run, which will be held April 26. Then.... "He joined the National Socialist Party of America, a Nazi... more
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Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as they give you the news you need to know - and the news some folks don't want you to know.

Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen for a touching tribute to the man who led a successful Minneapolis NAACP.

Doug Mann, perennial Minneapolis School Board candidate and candidate for Minneapolis mayor last fall and a life-long member of the Minneapolis NAACP started a pro se action last summer to compel a city-wide referendum on the... more

Tune in tonight as the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen are joined by businessman Thomas Johnson who will talk in detail about the city of Minneapolis, funding for the Vikings stadium and what happened with the... more

The disposition of the construction of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium is in trouble. Petitions by Doug Mann, Linda Mann, and David Tilsen are Minneapolis Residents and allege that the use of local, City of Minneapolis tax money to pay... more

The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers has requested the assistance of a state mediator in contract negotiations, which have been ongoing since June. The State Bureau of Mediation Services insists on having closed meetings. Union... more

Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen start off the new year with a fresh new program that asks the questions others don't. Where is the money? What happened to those much talked about jobs for people of color - and why does the same usual... more

The Minneapolis branch of the NAACP is celebrating a new beginning with the election of several new officers who will set forth to build capacity and make a difference for the Minneapolis branch of the NAACP. On Friday, December 13,... more

The Minneapolis branch of the NAACP with and estimates $30,000 in their bank accountmust make some important decisions on December 13 at the special branch election to be held at New Salem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. The... more

Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as we examine why African American men and women don't have jobs on the People's Stadium. We will also talk about a restraining order filed against a public person and request a local board... more
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