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ON POINT that features co-hosts Don Allen, the editor-in-chief of the Independent Business News Network and Mr. Ronald A. Edwards, host of Black Focus and the author of The Minneapolis Story. Join us every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. (CST) as we examine situations in the Black community with the attempt to create fair and balanced public discourse. Both Edwards and Allen have a long history of investigative reporting. Our goal is to provide listeners with the information they don't get in the local and national mainstream media.

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Join the nationally team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as we talk about the incident in Ferguson, MO and the killing of Michael Brown. Is this also a killing of black and brown Americans? The phone lines will be open and we hope you can... more

So far in 2014 we (Black Americans) have seen it all. Black men beat, shot and killed by law enforcement that has already made the mental note all blacks are dangerous and not to be trusted; with our without a weapon. As American turns... more

Tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. to The Ron and Don Show to hear the full story on how a staff member at KMOJ-FM swindled $200.00 from a political candidate with promises of contacted local party leaders and running political ads on KMOJ,... more

As of this posting, community activist Alfred Flowers has been released from Hennepin County Jail. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the local politicians who put pressure on the city of Minneapolis and invite our listeners to... more

We have a lot to talk about on Wednesday night... Join the teamof Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen has they prepare to interview Ms. Julie Nelson from the Government Alliance on Race and Equity on Wednesday's program. The reason... more

WOW! You talk about a busy week! On tonights program (Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. CST) we will talk about leadership, more specifically who represents a mostly ignored caste of women in the Twin Cities. Representation without affilation has... more

Join the team of Ronald A Edwards (Black Focus) and Don Allen (IBNN NEWS and Black Politics in Minneapolis) as we continue to discuss the marginalization of the black body in the Twin Cities. Over the 4th of July weekends,... more

What's going on? How can spokespersons meet with the governor of Minnesota and not tell community members about their agendas? Join the team of Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen as we discuss, in detail the epic fail of training,... more

Minneapolis, Minn. – There has been numerous shootings in the Twin Cities. Some of these incidents go unreported by the mainstream media who is in collusion with city officials that do not want to be embarrassed because of their... more

With the latest news on the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and Minnesota's Department of Transportations total rejection of Minnesota's black contractors, you would think someone in the black leadership cast would stand... more
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