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The Ron and Don Show

The Ron and Don Show

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ON POINT that features co-hosts Don Allen, the editor-in-chief of the Independent Business News Network, Internet Marketing and Social Media Consultant and Mr. Ronald A. Edwards, host of Black Focus and the author of The Minneapolis Story. Join us each Saturday starting at 3 p.m. (CST) as we examine situations in the Black community with the attempt to create fair and balanced public discourse. Both Edwards and Allen have a long history of investigative reporting. Our goal is to provide listeners with the information they don't get in the local and national mainstream media.

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At the top of the program, we will have an exlusive interview with organizers of the Hamline (University) Care Stars & Stripes 5k Run, which will be held April 26. Then.... "He joined the National Socialist Party of America, a Nazi group that... more

SPECIAL PROGRAM: Plus other news and infrmation you can use. Join co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards ( and Don Allen ( as we welcome our favorite contender for the MNGOP... more

"They got a name for the winners in the world, I want a name when I lose, they call me Deacon Blues." ~Steely Dan The Minneapolis NAACP has decided to use deciet and dishonesty has their platform to attack the voice of... more

Join co-hosts Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen for another exciting information packed program. This weeks topics are vast. We invite you to call in with your suggestions and comments. Upper crust parents are upset about funding for... more

The jig is up. The attached report from the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA) shows the contract (READ HERE) between Summit Academy OIC and the MSFA is not making headway when it comes to hiring people of color... more

Join Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. as we discuss many topics including taking a re-visit to the 2011 north Minneapolis tornado recovery. We also will look at why the Minneapolis Urban League and... more

Tune into the Ron and Don Show for an update on what we expect will be an interesting conversation about the 2011 tornado money and why when asked for a more detailed breakdown of these funds and how they were used, Stately said... more

Tune in on Wednesday (2.26) for the best in online radio with Don Allen and Ron Edwards. The phone lines will be open.

The team of Ron and Don talk about the tragic fire that killed five children and have two more still in the hospital. We also talk about the deconstruction of the father of these dead children and the number of local black officals, including... more

The Real Black History of the Twin Cities The Hamline University Black Men's Leadership Coalition in colaboration with the Hamline University Veterans Affairs Student Organization presents Mr. Ronald A. Edwards. This is a Black History... more
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