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The Road Less Traveled is a ministry of Derek Hutchison Ministries and seeks to reach the world with thought provoking discussion and commentary.

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*ATTENTION FELLOW NERDS* I am so VERY pleased to announce that none other than "Roland Kincaid" himself, actor Ken Sagoes, will be my guest Tuesday night on Nerd Wave Radio! Ken is a VERY accomplished actor and an amazing writer. He is known for many things but in my horror-fan world he is Roland Kincaid, resident badass of Westin Hills Asylum. Ken was the first African American actor/ character to survive an 80's slasher film and come back for a sequel. He has all the best lines in Nightmare on Elm street 3 and one of the COOLEST death scenes in the franchise in my opinion! These days Ken is hard at work in various writing projects and hundreds of hours of charity work. He truly is an amazing human being. I can't tell you what an honor this is for me.
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This is a re-broadcast of last weeks show. The boy's are off to do the Lords work.But they will be back in time to help with the What If! project.They should be live next week,so be sure to be here. Stay Safe!

This is not a live show! The stuido is down this week so we can get ready for Project ,What If! Come join us at the LaJunta High School on Sunday the 20 th. at 6pm.MST.We are going to try and bring back HOPE to our country!

This is a re-broadcast of last weeks show.We are busy getting ready for the big show Sunday the 20th. at LaJunta High School.Derek & George will be back on the 24th, so be sure to tune in for some new words of wisdom from the... more

This is a re-broadcast of a pervious show. We hope to be live next week,the 22nd of July at 6pm MST.We will have all new things to talk about,so don't miss out.

Come join Salo & Hutch Saturday July 12 th. at 6 pm.MST for a special show.We hope to be LIVE at the Picketwire Center,to interview the cast of Les Miserables.Be sure to listen in for music and interviews from some of best talent... more

Join Derek and Dawn Friday morning at 8 am MST as they continue to study Hope.This will be the last live show untill July25th.We will be off next week to get ready for the big event at LaJunta High School.Stay Safe!

Be here at 8 am MST on Thursday to hear the Derek & Geoge show.I am sure you will not be disappointed.It may ruffle some feathers, but hey,, sometimes the truth hurts! If you agree with the boy's, let them know,if you don't agree... more

Come and join Harry and Derek as they continue the discussion on Transformers.You can lean the What,Why and You got to be Kidding! about Transformers.Get in the chat room,or call in and be a part of the show.

Join Jacob and Ben ,(who is sitting in for Jeremy)Saturday night at 6pm MST on the Salo & Hutch Show LIVE!!! Hutch just had a birthday,so call in or get in the chat room and say Hi. They may talk about the play that they were just in... more

Come join Derek and Dawn at 8am MST on the 4th.of July as they continue the study of Hope.We only have sixteen more day's left before the big event at LaJunta High School.Come and be a part of an effort to bring HOPE back into... more