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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

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Tonight join us for a sitdown with John the founder of the group Citizen-Patriot on Facebook. With a folllowing of well over 25,000 people, John will be on hand with us to discuss the cause of freedom in the U.S. The constant assault it is under from inside forces and what if anything can be done to preseve and return it to it's rightful place in this nation. We will also be discussing the latest Terror attacks in London as well as the ongoing kabuki theater in DC the District of Criminals. An action packed two hours await. In the meantime visit Citizen-Patriot HERE...https://www.facebook.com/HeritageOfPrinciple/
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The left cant win a single argument in the arena of ideas so they fall back on to their one and only tactic. Stifle your opponent by any means at hand. We are seeing it now. The open censorship of conservative sites on Google, Facebook... more

Ryancare takes center stage and as predicted it sucks. ALSO predicted YEARS ago most notably by Alex Jones and others, your TV is being used to spy on you. It's not conspiracy THEORY any longer. It's conspiracy FACT. Period.... more

The President gave a speech that has tongues wagging all over DC. The people are happy with it. But of course the dimwitocrats are soiling themsleves and the media is STILL melting down like Fukishima (LONG and PAINFULLY). It's... more

So the media is totally unmasking now stating that its THEIR job to tell you WHAT to think. This is nothing new though actually. Since the early days of media, as early as 1922 when Edward Berny's penned the book "Propaganda" and later... more

Tomight we will be discussing the resignation of General Flynn, the ongoing leaks. How Soros and Obama are plotting to derail the President and his agenda and the threat from Deep State intel agencies he is facing as well. The New World... more

As President Trump continues his breakneck pace of nominations, EO's, meeting with world leaders and tweeting, he is keeping the left so off balance and so on their heels that they don't know what to respond TO from one day to the... more

Our 45th President of The United States is FINALLY seated, sworn in and ready to clean up the mess caused the former RESIDENT of the White House. Meanwhile the Loonet left thinks if they just yell loud enough, long enough and... more

Since President Trump came on the scene kicking ass and taking names the left in this country has become more shrill, more violent and more menatlly unhinged than I can ever remember seeing them. Tonight we will cover some of... more

As we approach the 20th, a day so many o us are chomping at the bit for, the outgoing disgrace of a POTUS is doing all he can behind the scenes to disparage and undermine President Trump before he even takes office. Even... more

What can we expect from the incoming AND ougoing administrations and how they differ in Approach. What about Russia? Can we expect a return of freedom or will it be same old same old? Lets kick it wround here on New Years... more
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