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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

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The left has declared war on Truth, Justice and the American way for years but with the out in the open burying of the Seth Rich execution, they cant hide their criminality much longer. The suport of ANTIfa, Pedophile rings, and the Islamic... more

A show of remembering our hometown and others. A retrospective of growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's with an emphasis on the towns as we remember them. The characters that inhabited those towns, the good times and the bad and the... more

Insane Dems are joined by culpable Republicrats in the Impeachment chorus. They have made it clear they arent just coming for The President but for ANYONE that stands in the way of their New World Order Globalist cabal. That's you and... more

Well, Comey the Commie has been deep sixed by The PRES. and of course the faux outrage by the ENEmedia and liberals everywhere is laughable. The man they all WANTED gone last week is suddenly a paragon of virtue!... more

The Budget has passed, Obamacare is on the ropes or is it? Judge rules that Hillary's Bengahzi emails have to come out. MS-13 is finally getting the EYE from Law Enforcement. ANTIFA could find itself getting run down on North Carolina... more

Vote fraud that gets proven by Project Veritas and goes un prosecuted. A CONgress that consistently stands in the way of any real progress then laughs about it. No Border Wall no witholding Obamacare subsidies, is there any real... more

Jabberwocky is a term from my childhood and a show by the same name that was a myriad of different subjects and ideas, a kind of stream of conciousness if you will. I'll also be recapping the BLM Bundy Ranch Standoff and the... more

I dont pretend to be a Geo Political genius but its obvious that tensions have been allowed to fester and boil for a LONG time and we are seeing the result now. Now, there's NOTHING we can do about it but watch it play out and comment... more

With all that needs to be done in DC and this nation, is The President truly gong to fall for the false flag siren song of Syria and commit US troops to yet another war? In the last few days its been hard not to notice the seeming chaos in the... more

Tonight we will be covering in depth how The President's policies and just his PRESCENCE are having an effect on the Nation. From the spiraling highs of the Stock Market, to the self deporting illegal aliens and the 50% drop in... more
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