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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

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Who Gives a Damn really? MASSIVE voter fraud caught on video goes unpunished by our government allowing The Communists to take the house and now are in the process of stealing The Senate in Florida and Arizona... more

Jabberwocky. What does it mean? Simple Every now and then we like to mix it up a bit and in addition to our hard hitting political and social analysis we toss in the kitchen sink! Nothing is off limits in a Jabberwocky show because Jabberwocky... more

The Phony False Flag "bombs" mailed to dimwitocrats are the Deep State's last ditch effort along with the "Caravan" to swing the election through fear and fraud. The Very same people being investigated for Treason and Crimes against The... more

For months the Left has been counting on a Blue Wave to save them but with only three weeks left till Election Day, the dream of that Blue Wave is looking more and more like a Blue Dribble. They are fighting for their lives in states they... more

Well the left is in its LATEST meltdown over the advancement of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. By the time we go to air it could well be official. What will the left do then? Well, I think we know dont we?

By the time we get together the comittee will have voted and we will know how well or NOT well the democrat smears on Judge Kavanaugh have worked. The disgrace that was his confirmation hearing was epic by any standard and full of... more

Ok so AS usual there is MUCH to talk about. PANIC in DC. The Deep State sinking Deeper. Q ascendant and The President battling for us every day. BUT... by request of one of our favorite listeners. We will be mixing in a patch or two... more

Jeff Fagen Resigns this week as the head of 60 Minutes right on the heels of Les Moonvess. TWO CBS honchos in ONE WEEK. The scum is sinking in their own mire and they are desperate. The Pope calls Whistleblowers SATAN.... more

When The President first raised the issue of having been "wiretapped" by the Outgoing administration the press did everything it could to discredit the story. Little by little like a slowly dripping faucet, the information released has affirmed... more

That Traitorous John McCain has assumed room temperature and if you are to believe the Anons, Q called the day and the time of his departure. If true, that can only mean one of two things. He was REMOVED by force by Patriots OR he... more
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