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Throwing a monkey Wrench into the plans of The New World Order And the Socialist Left!

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Tonight we are proud to welcome Michael Galileo to TRSOT to discus his unique "Earth Clock" and how it measures "time" in the only true and correct way possible and how we have been decieived into believing by The Powers That Be... more

Tonight we are VERY pleased to finally welcome the elusive Gregg Prescott to the show for a sit down. We will be talking about his great site IN5D and the topics it covers. The New World Order, The Matrix we are stuck in and how the... more

As this nation's Independence Day is upon us we are deluged with Patriotic Imagery, Song Countdowns on Classic Rock Stations, Barbeques and Retrospectives on our Founding but no REAL Celebration of TRUE Freedom.... more

Well, another week in our lives and another series of outrages from the ruling class. Screaming about the RINO's Senate Bill of Obamacare continues (we're all gonna die!) to sanctimonious Congress critters that NOW want National... more

A show of remembering our hometown and others. A retrospective of growing up in the 50's, 60"s and 70's with an emphasis on the towns as we remember them.The characters that inhabited those towns. The good and the bad and the... more

I told you good folks WEEKS ago that the LEFT has become today's Nazi Party and that like the 1930's version that targeted the Jews Through Economic, Political and finally Physical Repression and Terrorism, so now has the left... more

The Democrats and the Deep State should be arrested for animal abuse for beating a dead horse to this ridiculous degree. Comet whines and pisses and moans under oath that he is weak and timid. What the hell was he doing as FBI... more

A show of remembering our hometown and others. A retrospective of growing up in the 50"s, 60's and 70"s with an emphasis on the towns as we remember them. The characters that inhabited those towns, the good times and the bad and the... more

Kathy Griffin stepped in it big time this week and even the LEFT is running away from her. The question is WHY? They never leave one of their own to flounder so there MUST be a more sinister reason for their abandonment of her.We'll talk... more

The left has declared war on Truth, Justice and the American way for years but with the out in the open burying of the Seth Rich execution, they cant hide their criminality much longer. The suport of ANTIfa, Pedophile rings, and the Islamic... more
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