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A network created to give a voice . Covering a wide span of subjects from religion to the unexplained.Creating a new journey unlike any other before .Updated New Line Up the ... SUNDAY NIGHTS : The R.I.F.T. Radio with -"Hitman" Howie Odell 9 pm EST to 11 pm EST / MONDAY NIGHTS :Rogue Talk Radio with -Sheila Gay & Kerby Dewbre 9 pm EST to 11 pm EST / TUESDAY NIGHTS: Just Short of Crazy with Lisa Reynaga 9 pm to 11 pm EST / WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: Knowledge from Beyond the Veil with- Anan Celeste 9 pm to 11pm EST / FRIDAY NIGHTS:Blunt Trucker Chad Logan 9pm EST to 11 pm EST / SATURDAY NIGHTS: Night Visions Wendy Young & Eric Hass Project show : The VIBE Network & The R.I.F.T. Network 10 pm EST to 11 pm EST/ WATCH FOR SPECIAL EVENTS AND UNIQUE SHOWS - SATURDAY NIGHTS: Retro Reflections ( Music Show ) - These shows hours very from 8 pm to 10 pm EST - .................... As we Transmit through time! ............

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It's a breezy Saturday afternoon and the six meets in a little place called Norristown Pa. , face to face . Melissa Leeper , Skip Dehus, Chris Hammond, John Covey, Catrina Gagnon and Howie Odell on the front lawn of The Selma Mansion. The day begins with adventure, music, exploration and feeling things out. The day turns into night and it gets deeper then most would think. This group of ad ventures take a trip down memory lane and back again. Join The Hitman ,John The Gentleman Covey ,Co-Host Catrina ( Cat ) Gagnon , as they speak one on one with the members of GRIP Paranormal . Melissa Leeper , Skip Dehus and the one and only Chris Hammond for a little Q & A . Melissa with a huge length in the paranormal field, Chris , the field bringing him from the dark, and the eye;s of Skip. A true amazing team on three individuals on a quest of knowledge and a thirst for understanding . Come join the cast as they speaking on everything Paranormal , Supernatural , and the questions that lay beneath, Tune in as we speak on Selma mansion and they perception and what they came across and the moments that made them smile while other moments made them go how? Studio Lines 1-323-870-3877 join us as we , transmit through time....
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