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A network created to give a voice . Covering a wide span of subjects from religion to the unexplained.Creating a new journey unlike any other before .Updated New Line Up the … SUNDAY NIGHTS: Retro Reflection ( Music ) with -Howie "The Duckman" Odell 7 pm EST to 8 pm EST / SUNDAY NIGHTS : The Orion Effect with - Howie Odell 9 pm EST to 11 pm EST / MONDAY NIGHTS :Rogue Talk Radio with -Sheila Gay & Kerby Dewbre 9 pm EST to 11 pm EST / TUESDAY NIGHTS: Footprints: with Lisa Reynaga 9 pm to 11 pm EST / WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: Knowledge from Beyond the Veil with- Anan Celeste and Rene Odell Hert 9 pm to 11pm EST / FRIDAY NIGHTS:Blunt Trucker Chad Logan 9 pm EST to 11 pm EST / SATURDAY NIGHTS: Bridging the Gaps Shelley Booher & Jeff Presley 9pm EST to 11 pm EST / (WATCH FOR SPECIAL EVENTS AND UNIQUE SHOWS - FRIDAY AND SATURDAYS: - These shows hours very from 8 am to 9 pm EST ) listen in now as The R.I.F.T. Radio Network is now heard in 52 countries,giving the voice all over.................... As we Transmit through time! ............

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Join Cat and The Cosmic Surfer Howie , on this unique show of healing ,insight, and clearing of energies. Come be apart of something special. Join us as the tones of the Universe come to the show. A woman sits in her chair, look out the window, listening to messages from above . She begins to sing tones and the world begins to Vibrate. Welcome , you have now encountered Marci Kosich. I individual blessed with the healing abilities of Tones and vibrations. Who has transmuted out of the lower carbon dense energies, aches ,pains , and emotional blocks, of past lives.She uses her gift to work on the serotonin part of the brain to relax and clear her clients with tones that effect thought, movement , emotional distress and more Join Cat and Howie around the cosmic coffee table as they speak with this special being, and discuss how this works, as they open the lines to callers and open the mind, giving yet another key to what really is out there. Studio lines: 1-323-870-3877
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Saturday, May 18th – Science to the ancients was a metaphysical knowledge and understanding. Modern western science misunderstood and has now turned it into a physical science. When you understand what it is, it truly is... more

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Welcome to this episode of Knowledge From Behind The Veil! On this episode, we welcome to our table, Mr. Chris Garcia. Chris is a Psychic Medium, empath, and Remote viewer. By using his gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, and... more

"The documentary, Conjuring Mackey's was pretty legit. Obviously, watching this was exciting from the get go. Anytime you watch Stephen Erkintalo do ANYTHING it is going to be intense and extreme. What's great about this is how genuine... more

Tonight DJ Lisa will turn into The Mother Trucker as she takes on a challenge by The Blunt Trucker to play the songs of his people, The Truckers. Many people think that driving the big rig all over the country is an exciting adventure, and it... more

Athena Balch I am a medium. I have been in the paranormal field for over 10years. I am a paranormal investigator and researcher. I started off as a researcher and got into working on private investigations. Because I am a... more

Join Cat and Howie, Sunday May 12th , as they sit down and speak with Aaron Shriver from S.I.C. Supernatural Investigation Crew out of Illinois. Arron is also a part of the film productions @ In the Shadows. Join them as they speak one on... more

Saturday, May 11th – Our volatile behavior and uncontrollable emotions make it seem as if we are living in a zombie-like state. People's perception of mankind's advancement or evolution has become heavily dependent on... more

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