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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Revelation Chapter 22 King James Version The Eternal Kingdom John sees unfold, the decription is vivid and breath taking,John must be in awe of what he is viewing,realizing that this will be his and all the saints of the ages their new... more

Revelation Chapter 21 King james Version Here John see's the Holy City The New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven,the description, it's size and all the the glory of the the new Kingdom here on earth.John no doubt marvel at... more

Revelation Chapter 20 King james Version The angel is recieving the keys to the bottomless pit,and taking hold of Satan,this angel has power from God as a mighty warrior and Satan is no match for this mighty warrior of God. The 1,000... more

Bluegrass gospel music has been a main stay in rural America for decades, but is also popular in the Cities, on the college campus. Young and old alike are fans, and performers,legends like Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley are icons of this music... more

Revelation Chapter 19 King James Version The Physical Return Of Jesus Christ, in all his glory. God has passed judment, he has poured out his wrath and now is heading for the final battle with Satan. The world is stilll steeped in sin,Satan is... more

Revelation Chapter 3 King James Version Today's most church resemble Community Center's more than the house of God, They have everthing going on that shouldn't be,Clowns in the pulpit, dating services, financial services,... more

Revelation Chapter 18 King James Version The final fall of Babylon, the Queen of Harlots,John sees joy in those who are looking on for this cruel, imoral, and un-Godly world wide system is now coming to a final end at the mighty hand of... more

Revelation Chapter 17 King James Version The mystery Of Babylon is revealed to John,some of this he understands by knowing about the Roman Empire, they were the ones that banished him to the Isle Of Patmos for preaching the... more

Revalation Chapter 16 King James Version John will now witness the pouring out of the seven vials of God's wrath upon the earth. Yet many will still not repent, satan has such a hold over them,and they have believed his lies for so long,... more

From old Brush Arbors to Carnigie Hall, the sounds of bluegass music has delighted and entertained fans for well over 100 years. Starting in the early 1920's it has woven a path into the hearts of the fans. From the Morris family in... more