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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Tonight's Guest: Rev. Larry Blackburn, Cicero,Il. Rev. Blackburn is from the First General Baptist Church In Cicero,Il. He is originally from Helen, West Virginia. He is a Godly man, who preaches the word of the living God, and lives what he... more

Hosea Chapter 3 King James Version God tells Hosea to go get a woman, loved by her friends,yet guilty of adultrey, he buy her for silver and barley. He instructs her to be faithful to him,and not commit any adultrey. This seems strange no... more

Hosea Chapter 2 King James Version Here God is giving a very strong message for Hosea to preach to Ephraim, God is warning if they don't repent and come back to him, he will show no mercy, he will not be their God,and they will not be... more

Hosea Chapter1 King James Version One of the Minor prophets of God, Hosea minstered in the Northern kingdom,Fifty year he preached of God's warning. He was told by God to marry a woman God had already picked, Gomer, their... more

The very best in Bluegrass Gospel Music, the old,the new, the stars and the beginners.Bill Monroe from Rosine, KY. Brought a new twist to then know as mountain music by adding addional music licks and the high lonesome sound... more

Daniel Chapter 12 King James Version The Closing Account from Daniel and a look into the future,he has an encounter with Michael The Great Angel from God, the protector of Israel, and the great warrior of God. Here we see the... more

Guest: Rev.Norman Mahan Pastor The Anchor Still Holds Full Gospel Church, Lexington, N.C. Matthew 11:3 John is in prison,he send the others to Christ to ask this famous question, Rev. Mahan will show us that there is none other than... more

Daniel Chapter 11 (Part 2) King James Version We will finish up this portion, where will will see the latter part of Daniel's vision as he relates it to King Darius. Daniel knows the truth of the matter,and knows it is in the future,he doesn't... more

Daniel Chapter 11 King James Version Here Daniel is reveiling the truth he must tell King Darius about events that are coming about four Kings that will rise up in Persia the fourth one being greater than them all. He tells of a great war that will... more

Daniel Chapter 10 King James Version Here we find Daniel on the 21st day of the month standing by the river Hiddekel, which suddenly an angel of God appeared before him. Daniel is afraid,he is troubled has not eaten or drank anything has... more