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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Habakkuk Chapter 2 King James Version Here Habakukk is making himself like a wtachman on the tower, waiting to see what God is goining to show him in his forth coming judgment of Judah. God tells Habakuk that the Great sins of his... more

Habakkuk Chapter 1 King James Version Habakkuk is Preaching for Judah to repent and return to their God, they refuse and sin even more,Habakkuk is very disturb by this, and asked God How Long. God replies that he is goining to allow... more

Beginning back in 1920 a different sound in music was emerging from the south,some called it Mountain Music,some Hillbilly,but it was the birth of a different sound that no lable could truly describe. Performers, the word star had... more

Nahum Chapter 3 King James Version The prophet is giving a bleak picture about Nineveh's future,God said this City Of Sin willl be brought down to nothing,when the invading armies come in there will be no defence, This mighty Empire... more

Romans Chapter 5 1-11 King James Version Message By Rev.Curt Atkinson Special Musicial Guest: Jerry Brown,West Liberty, KY. Mountain Style Accapella Singing at it's best,many favorite's on this CD. The Prodgial Son & The Old... more

Nahum Chapter 2 King James Version Here we find a very vivid description of God's upcoming destruction of the city of Nineveh, God speaks of the past and her wealth, power, and fall into horrible sins. Now the wrath of God is going... more

Nahum Chapter 1 King James Version Nahum a prophet is given a job 100 years after Jonah went to Nineveh to preach and the people repented and the city was saved.But the people backslide and went back to their old way of sinning... more

Micah Chapter 7 King James Version Micah is painting a very grime picture of the state that Israel has fallen into, evil abounds men are sinful beyond belief, daughter rising against Mother,daughter in law against Mother -in -law but Micah... more

To really describe Blue Grass Gospel Music is almost impossiable,it has had the infulence of other musicial venue's. The sound of the mountains,some touch of the blues, southern gospel, all blend into the production of the high lonsome sound... more

Micah Chapter 6 King James Version Here the Lord is speaking through Micah to Israel and is giving forth a strong appeal for them to tell him what has he done that would cause them to turn from him? God is giving council to Israel of all... more