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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Bluegrass Gospel Music is a main stay for many people in their musical choice, some are totally dedicated to this music,and the fans are loyal to a fault. There are those who say this is the only music that matters, and they stick to it. Many but not all claim Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and those who don't still have backgeound in the Church,started singing there as chidren,with those roots the music it is in their blood and it comes out in their singing and playing. 2 ND CORINTHAINS 6:18 "I will be a Father to you, And you shall be my sons and daughters,Says the Lord Almighty"- PRAY FOR AMERICA,ISRAEL,OUR CHURCHES,OUR LOST,OUR MILITARY,OUR POLICE OFFICER'S HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY,LOVE AND PEACE
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1st, Samuel Chapter 31 King James Version, Here King Saul and Israel go into Battle with the Philstines, and loose, they kill Saul Sons, and Saul is wounded,David best friend Johnathan was Killed. and the Philstines are out to... more

Job Chapter 2 1-10 King James Version. Today it seems all we hear from people more so Christains, is why does this always happen to me?, Why do i have such bad luck?. The truth of the matter there is no such thing as good or bad luck,... more

1st Samuel Chapter 30 King James Version. Here we find David in a battle with the Amaleklites,and David's two wife's were taken captive,and the people wept til no more tears would come,the people were talking about stoning David and... more

1st. Samuel Chapter 29 King James Version. Here we have a dispute Between Achish and some of his leaders, They don't want David with them.these Philistins are afraid of David and do not trust him Achish in David's defence says I have... more

1st. Samuel Chapter 28 King James Version. Here we Find King Saul very troubled, Israel has no spiritual leader since Samuel passed away, and now he is facing the Philistines and he is afraid. He seeks out the witch Endor for advise a... more

The Sounds Of Bluegrass Gospel Music,there is no greater sound than this. This timeless form of music came out of the hearts and life's of people of strong vaule's and work ethic's,that praise the eternal King through words and music,that tell... more

1st.Samuel Chapter Chapter 27 King James Version.Here we find David still comvinced in his heart That Saul is still out to kill him, He take his two wife's and settled down, and Saul was to pursue him no more. Proverbs 5:1 My Son attend... more

1st. SAMUEL Chapter 17 47- 51 King James Version' Tonights Guest Artist:The Morris Brother,Show Casing Their CD Volume 1 The Way It Was 1940-1950. Gospel Recording Artist Billy Sanders Will Be My In Studio Guest. Psalm 11-12... more

1st. Samuel Chapter 26 King James Version. Here we have a informant telling Saul where David is,Then Saul called up his army of 3,000 men and went looking for David to kill him.But David here again by the power of God has a... more

1st. Samuel Chapter 25 Part 2 King James Version. We Find here Abgail, the wife of Nabal, humbles herself before David and pours out heart to him,shel tells him about her evil husband Nabal,and in her heart she knowa she in the presence of... more