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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Amos Chapter 8 King James Version Here God Asked Amos a question,Amos answered and God said the end of Israel will come and i will not pass this way again. God tells Amos all of the things that are coming,but the worst of the... more

Luke Chapter 2 King James Version.We will be presenting Christmas Music, Bible Readings,Poems, concerning the baby from the Manager, who went to the Cross for the saving of mankind.We will open the phone line @7:30P.M. EST.... more

Amos Chapter 7 King James Version Amos is pleading with God Not to caryy out his threat against Israel The Lord honored Amos's prayer,but then said he was going to divide Israel,and that he would bring judgment for their... more

Amos Chapter 6 King James Version Here God is speaking out to Israel, telling of the good life they have been living,and forgetting Him their God. They live in fine homes, eat & drink the best,thinking they have done all of this by their hands.... more

Amos Chapter 5 King James Version In this Chapter we find some of the most profound Judgment upon Israel, for their rebellion, it is as if God has turned his back on them. Their sins have come up before him, he loves Israel, but... more

The little white church in the clearing is an awesome sight to see,it is peaceful and serene in this setting. But a change comes about as the Congregation arrives, then you hear the sound that is so familar to you, the high Joyful sound... more

Amos Chapter 4 King James Version Here God is telling Israel all the blessings he has sent on them, and yet they went away from him. Now he tells them what is going to happen to them in his Judgment,until they come back to him.Of course... more

Matthew 24 4-13 King James Version The Divine Word Of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago,is ignored by most of the population of the world. This prophecy being said that long ago doesn't in any way change that this event will... more

Amos Chapter 3 King James Version God is reminding Israel how he has blessed them, how they were brought from slavery in Eygpt, how they have been his chosen poeple of all the people on the earth at that time, God uses several... more

Amos Chapter 2 King James Version Amos is preaching the prophecy that God has given him to warn the people,like today they pay no attention. God is going to destroy Moab for her sins,he is going to destroy Judah, and he will destroy Israel... more