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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Daniel Chapter 5 King James Version Belshazzar the Third King of Babylon is throwing a big party for himself as the new King.Nebuchadnezzar dies after being King of Babylon for 43 years.Naboniduis was appointed King and Belshhazzar is his eldest son. Many people were in attendance, great food,plenty to drink, what a wonderful time, THEN!!! Then the Power of God came on the scene.Once again God is going to use Daniel to tell the King what kind of problem he is facing. PRAY FOR AMERICA. PRAY FOR ISRAEL,THE LOST,OUR TROOPS OUR POLICE OFFICER'S HAVE A BLESSED FRIDAY & WEEK-END.
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1st John Chapter 1- 1-9 King James Version Host: Curt Atkinson will be Bringing forth a message how through the power of Jesus Christ, blinded eyes can be opened,how we can have fellowship with Jesus Christ. John however warns we... more

Daniel Chapter 4 King James Version Nebuchadnezzar's first real encounter with his prized Hebrew young men, failed in the face of their God's power and glory. now the mighty King is going into another battle unprepared,he is praising the... more

Daniel Chapter 3 King James Version Now King Nebuchadnezzar builds in the plains in the province of Dura of Babylon, a Image 90 ft tall and 9 ft.wide,and the order was given to any and everyone that heard the music play were to fall... more

Daniel Chapter 2 King James Version The King Of Babylon,Nebuchadnerzar is starting out on many of his problems,the first in having Dreams, troubling Dreams that he can not understand. He calls all of his men of majic, soothsayers.... more

Bluegrass Gospel Music Stirs a person emotions based on the message, the melody ,and talent of the artist.The Artist both past and present repersent the very essence of the music. From the hollers, the farms, the coal mining country, tent... more

Daniel Chapter 1 King James Version We are start on a journey of the 70 years of the captivity of the Nation of Israel, and how God used Daniel to be an instrument among the pagan Babylonians to bring forth God's truth in prophecy. God gave... more

Isaiah- Galatatians King James Verision Here we see the two covenants God made, one was the law and the other was salvation, the first was a fore shadow of the second. Therefore we can not mix and choose out of the two seperate... more

Revelation Chapter 22 King James Version The Eternal Kingdom John sees unfold, the decription is vivid and breath taking,John must be in awe of what he is viewing,realizing that this will be his and all the saints of the ages their new... more

Revelation Chapter 21 King james Version Here John see's the Holy City The New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven,the description, it's size and all the the glory of the the new Kingdom here on earth.John no doubt marvel at... more

Revelation Chapter 20 King james Version The angel is recieving the keys to the bottomless pit,and taking hold of Satan,this angel has power from God as a mighty warrior and Satan is no match for this mighty warrior of God. The 1,000... more