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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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1st. John Chapter 5 King Jmaes Version Here we have the essentials of salvation, Love, For God. In this world through the love of God we a more than over comers,but we have that power through the Father, The Son, & the Holy Spirit,and we must believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God. PRAY FOR AMERICA, PRAY FOR ISRAEL,PRAY FOR OUR MILITARY, PRAY FOR THE LOST,PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER. HAVE A BLESSED FRIDAY & WEEK-END, LORD'S WILLING I'LL MEET YOU IN CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING.
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Philippians 2-7-12 Speaker: Rev.Curt Atkinson In this world there is a lot of respect in a name, some promote love,some respect,some fear,but the name of Jesus Chrst is a lovely name,yet demands the highest honor,because he is the... more

1st. John Chapter 4 King James Version Here John is talking about testing the spirits to see if they be of God,we know that Satan can appear as a angel of light. he speaks about our love for God and God's love for us. We Love... more

1st. John Chapter 3 Kings James Version John is telling about our Christain walk and our salvation,and how we are made sons of GOD. how we will be changed from a sinful body into a glorified one at the rapture, to look like Jesus. He talks... more

1st. John Chapter 2 King james Version Here John Addresses the church as a spiritual father,calling them little children. he tells about Jesus Christ dying for and keeping us in his care for our salvation,how we must abide in him and each... more

Bluegrass Gospel Music, that ill make you clap your hands and sing along. Songs that bless the heart and uplift the spirit, songs of faith and trust in the Lord, songs about life. The high lonsome & joyful sounds of Bluegrass that ring from the... more

1st. John Chapter 1 King James Version John in his first writing to the church, makse it clear the purpose of this letter. He tells them the essence of eternal life, about the fellowshaip and the joy of being a Christain. He tells them his message... more

Speaker : Rev. Curt Atkinson John Chapter 5 1-6 King James Version There is a Sin Sickness Epidemic in the world today, sin is rampant, man is not concernd about his eternal destiny. There is a lack of concern for the lost even in the... more

2nd.Peter Chapter 3 King James Version Here Peter reminds them of the false teacher's that would arise among them. He wants them to remember all the gospel that has been preached to them.He tell's them here is no time set in... more

2nd. Peter Chapter 2 King James Version Here Peter is telling the church about the false teachers that will come among them, very clever with fancy words and untruths, in order to decive them and lead them away from God. He also tells... more

2nd Peter Chapter 1 King James Version Peter is speaking to the church about what the saints should be doing in their Christian life. He warns about satan and his quest to destroy souls, how holding on to the gospel that he and others... more