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Gospel music, Biblical conversation,interaction on subjects that are in the news from a religious aspect.

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Hebrews Chapter 11 King James Version Here is the full explanation of the the true meaning of Faith, and What it entails. This faith was given to Abraham, Sara, Jacob Etc. as a promise from God to their every day trust in God and his promises. We walk by Faith, and by faith we ared saved. and not by sight,we must except God and all that he has promised to those that are saved by his Grace through that faith in believing in what we can't see but hope for. PRAY FOR AMERICA- PRAY FOR ISRAEL
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Hebrews Chapter 10 King James Version The purpose of the law, and it realitionship to the children of Israel is given in this chapter. The Law was a foreshadow of Jesus Christ, the law however could not rid man of theirs sins.... more

Sounds of Bluegrass, from the hills & Hollers of the South, comes the high lonesome sounds of this Original American Music. This music form in the Gospel venue is a Music that once you hear it it is hard to define, It sings the Praises... more

Hebrews Chapter 9 King Jmaes Version Here is a lesson concerning the Tabernacle here on earth, that Mose built according to the plans that God gave to him. And the role of the High Priest. But now there is a greater tabernacle... more

Proverbs 16-1-6 King James Version Man's life in sin is never fullfilling, his life is without real lasting peace, but when man turns his life over to Christ, there will be a peace that passes all understanding, that the world can not understand.... more

Hebrews Chapter 8 King James Version We learn here in this Chapter the difference in the Priesthood of the Old Testament, and the the New Priesthood Of Jesus Christ. The new covenant is within the plan of salvation, where we are... more

Hebrews Chapter 7 King James Version Here is the explanation of the Priesthood, Based on the order of Melchisedec the King Of Salem. and how Jesus Christ is of the same order. There is no ending of this Priesthood, it is forever. We can... more

Hebrews Chapter 6 King James Version Here the writer is teaching about backsliding and how it happens, and we must not be lazy & slothful about our Christain walk. God never forgets your work and labor for the cause of the... more

The Best In Bluegrass Gospel Music & Artist Todays Guest Artist: The Marksmen Quartet CONTACT: Cell: 734-644-7044 PRAY FOR AMERICA,PRAY FOR ISRAEL

Hebrews Chapter 5 King James Version Here the office of the Priesthood is explained, the Duties,the Understanding, and how God ordained Aaron the hight Priest. The Priest was to be Honored by the people,and they were to come to... more

Our Guest Tonight: Rev.Aubrey Castevens-Way Of Life Tabernacle,Hamptonville,N.C. Our Guest Artist: The Chuck Wagon Gang,A LONG STANDING FAVORITE QUARTET,Over 70 Years in the Southern Gospel... more