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After studying individuals who seemed to have all the traits needed for success who didn't find success. And looking closely at people who showed no signs when they were younger that they would ever be anything but average - who went on to be great successes in adulthood. I found that the key to success was innovation. Let's talk about raising innovation in yourself, your family, your business and your community.

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I recently I saw a question someone asked all of their facebook friends - Gentlemen - what do YOU want for Christmas? Ladies - what gift under the tree will make you smile? After several moments of thought I gave my reply -... more

How are you with helping others? Are you like the Lone Ranger and ready at any moment to run out and help someone in need? How are you with receiving help? Can you allow someone to help you and do the task their own way? Or, are you... more

When you are creating your tailor-made life, and designing your life closet you can't force someone else into your closet. With the Holiday Season upon us, many of us are attempting to do just that - make everyone around us to fit... more

Are the people around you supporting you and your relationships, or are they aiding and suggesting you tear apart your commitments?

If I was Santa I would have a team of helpers aiding me in the preparations for Christmas. If I was Santa, I would only have to worry about one holiday. And, if I was Santa I would make it through the month by being jolly.

Before you can fix something you have to understand the problem. Tonight we'll talk about what seems to be a common problems that just needs a common solutions and are really more complex and need a one of a kind solution.

What are your priorities? Do they match what you say (and think) your most important roles are in your tailor-made life and closet? How do your priorities impact your decision making? Do your priorities know and feel as though they... more

Tonight's show was interrupted by Theresa's son, and the subject will be re-done in whole December 2, 2009. The December 1 show will be an explanation of priorities and while Theresa allowed the show to be cut short.

Are you doing everything that you're suppose to do but it's never enough? Does it seem that you have to work harder and longer to get the same results as others? What's the missing ingredient? What's the secret?

Has conflict, either with others or within yourself, been part of your last few holiday seasons? What about unintended consequences that came from someone else's, or your, poor choices. Does your holiday season seem to be filled with... more
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