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After studying individuals who seemed to have all the traits needed for success who didn't find success. And looking closely at people who showed no signs when they were younger that they would ever be anything but average - who went on to be great successes in adulthood. I found that the key to success was innovation. Let's talk about raising innovation in yourself, your family, your business and your community.

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This weekend I spoke to a woman whose husband had recently passed away. She told me about all the things she didn't know how to do on her own, and the struggles she was going through raising their young pre-teen daughter alone.... more

It's the end of the school year is your child ready for the next grade? Is your child ready to start school? Is your child ready for the next step? Let's talk about starting to help your children build their own tailor-made lives, the lives that fit... more

With the school year winding down how would you describe the last year? Great, it couldn't have been better! We've had better years, but we made it through. Horrible, I am so glad the year is almost over. What lessons can you take away... more

Do you wear your roles? Or, are you the role? Is your identity so wrapped up with one of the roles your playing that you just can't let go of the role? How do you recover from losing a role (maybe a job loss, kids growing up, marriage ending)... more

Values and identity. In my view, these things can be meaningfully addressed only as two sides of the same coin. Our values guide our choices; our choices define who we are. Life is what we make it. Peter Buffett in his book Life. We will talk... more

Are you a chameleon who changes with the environment you are in? Or, instead of blending in, you want the spot light shining brightly on you? Or, are you "just you"? Does the chameleon have the tailor-made life? Or, is the person in... more

Are you looking for Mr Right? Or, do you know someone looking? I found this article and thought it was great! Today we'll talk about how being single and creating your tailor-made life will help you find the perfect... more

I was thrilled when I read this article! The designer mindset and tools that I talk about everyday are the characteristics that CEOs are now looking for! Lets talk about the desired characteristics and how they fit with designing your... more

Before I started creating my tailor-made life, I spent a lot of time doing things for everyone. The one place that I didn't spend much time was with my own little family. I always said that my husband and son were my first priority, but my... more

There you are. Are you constantly changing schools, jobs, relationships...looking for something that fits you? Maybe you should stay where you are and start working on designing YOUR tailor-made life - the life that fits you perfectly!
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